The Road to Crater Lake

Spring is the season of the road trip. Last year we made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas and went the long route through the desert and back up along the California coast. Recently my padre, my godfather, and I kicked off the year of American road travel with a quick trip to Crater Lake for some snow shoeing. Here’s the […]

Discovering Venice through food with Walks of Italy.

Our first stop in Italy while on our GowithOh tour was Venice. Italy is known for it’s food for a reason. It’s just that good. I have a disgusting confession. I used to think that Olive Garden was the best Italian food out there. Terrible, right? To be fair, I had no idea what I was missing out on. Our […]

This is why I travel.

With all of the chaos and darkness that has happened the past week, I’ve found myself sad. Just really sad. I couldn’t shake the hurt and heartache that I felt for the victims of the Boston bombing. I was deeply troubled by those that lost their lives and were injured in the Texas explosion. The headlines were full of atrocities […]

Go to sea – See the World

Are you looking to return to the sea? Want to get away from college for a while but still earn credit? If you’re looking for an authority on semester at sea programs, look no further. In my lifetime I’ve sampled a captain’s share of sea-faring programs, including two separate programs in one year. My sophomore year of college I took […]

Love and fun at the Prater in Vienna.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, our travels have introduced us to some of the most talented people out there. We’re constantly amazed by the lifelong friends that we make when we explore the world. We met some of our best friends while in Korea and even though we rarely see each other, when we eventually do, […]

Getting fancy with London high tea.

If there’s one thing we knew we couldn’t miss while in London it was high tea. We’ve heard stories of these elaborate tea parties complete with hot teas, fresh crumpets, and creamy piles of clotted cream. In an ideal world I would have worn my Sunday best; a fancy dress, a ridiculously over the top hat, and lacy gloves for […]

Keeping our love locked down in Paris.

Paris was the second stop on our whirlwind GowithOh European tour. Paris has been revered as the city of light, love, and pain au chocolats. It’s also surprisingly dirty, but we’ll get to that in another post. Copious amounts of dog poop and rambunctious tourists aside, Paris is a wonderful place for lovers. There’s the sparkling Eiffel Tower, champagne boat […]

Getting to know Vienna

I love Vienna. There are very few cities in the world that I feel a complete and utter connection to as soon as I walk into them. Vienna makes the short list. It’s easy to get around, delicious to eat in, and they have an Octoberfest like Germany which gives me an excuse to where lederhosen and see Tawny in […]