Keeping our love locked down in Paris.

Keeping our love locked down in Paris.

Paris was the second stop on our whirlwind GowithOh European tour. Paris has been revered as the city of light, love, and pain au chocolats. It’s also surprisingly dirty, but we’ll get to that in another post. Copious amounts of dog poop and rambunctious tourists aside, Paris is a wonderful place for lovers. There’s the sparkling Eiffel Tower, champagne boat cruises down the Seine, and street side freshly shucked oysters that will be sure to boost your libido. While feeding each other delectable macaroons might get old, there is another way to make sure that your love is locked down forever. Literally.

Bridging the gap over the Seine river is the Pont des Arts bridge.  This bridge has been the attraction for cozy lovers that want to make a true display of their unbreakable adoration for each other. After purchasing a padlock, lovers write their names or initials on it and then attach it to the bridge. If that wasn’t enduring enough, the key is then kissed by each of them and thrown down into the Seine, never to be seen again, ensuring that their lock (and love) remains forever.

No stopping our love!
No stopping our love!

Being the romantic types that we are, we knew that our first trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete unless we added our own lock of love. The love lock bridge is home to thousands of locks. We spotted locks of all shapes and sizes- huge padlocks, small diary locks, and even a bicycle lock or two. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring our own lock and had to settle for the ubiquitous generic ones that are sold along the river’s edge. Our tiny lock cost us a whopping €5, but hey, it’s a small price to pay to lock down our love.

We made our way across the river trying to find the perfect spot for our symbol of amour. Check out where we put our lock in the video below.

The Pont des Arts bridge is not only for the lovers. Gypsies have been known to scour the bridge in the search for unsuspecting tourists. They will come up to you with a form that’s written in a foreign language and tell you to sign the petition, it’s for a good cause. Once you’ve given your signature they will demand money from you since as it turns out, you just signed a contract that says you’re going to donate money… to them. There’s really no way to avoid them. Just politely say that you’re not interested while keeping an eye on all of your personal belongings.

The next time you find yourself in Paris and in love, be sure to stop by the love lock bridge. We heard that it’s even more romantic and magical at night.

Have you ever been to a love lock bridge? Where in the world did you lock down your love? We’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below.

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Lock lock bridge in Paris

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