Getting fancy with London high tea.

Getting fancy with London high tea.

If there’s one thing we knew we couldn’t miss while in London it was high tea. We’ve heard stories of these elaborate tea parties complete with hot teas, fresh crumpets, and creamy piles of clotted cream. In an ideal world I would have worn my Sunday best; a fancy dress, a ridiculously over the top hat, and lacy gloves for the event. There was only a few small problems. For one, we were backpacking around Europe for thirty days and the nicest outfit I had was one pair of jeans (sans holes) and one “smart” jacket. Also, it should be noted that I don’t like tea. Like, at all.

I’ve tried to like tea, believe me I have. There’s just something about flowers and leaves steeped in hot water that my palate doesn’t enjoy. My big girl taste buds have slowly been coming in and I’m hoping that tea will be in on menu in the next couple of years. Here’s to hoping. Nevertheless, my distaste for tea did not hold me back from experiencing a very posh high tea at the acclaimed Fortnum and Mason’s tea room.

I should have known that we were in for a treat the second we entered Fortnum and Mason. As it was a couple of weeks before Easter, our eyes were greeted by huge, elaborately decorated chocolate Easter eggs, colorful macaroons, and every type of bonbon you could imagine. My stomach had started grumbling as soon as my eyes feasted on all of the goodies before us. We quickly ran up the three flights of stairs to the Diamond Jubilee Tea salon where we were going to take our tea.

I have to make a confession. This wasn’t our first high tea experience. That had actually happened the day before. Our friends had treated us to a champagne high tea the afternoon prior and it was incredible. We had tiny finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and champagne. Champagne! I honestly didn’t think anything could compare. Imagine my surprise when we sat down and a plate stacked with the most amazing looking treats was laid in front of us.

Fortnum and Mason London High Tea

I felt like I was Alice crashing the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Everything looked too perfect to eat. Not only was it beautiful, but it was delicious as well. I had fun imagining whether the light pink frosted eclair would make me grow taller or shrink me to the size of a strawberry. It did neither. Did I mention that there was a pianist who was pumping out sassy croons while we indulged? ‘Cause there was.

London High Tea menu
The menu for afternoon high tea.

Our afternoon tea included a staggering five finger sandwiches, four fluffy scones, three kinds of jam, two turtle doves, and a variety of naughty cakes. We also had a bucket of clotted cream, which doesn’t sound appetizing but is actually quite scrumptious. We washed down the aforementioned treats with two pots of tea. I’m not going to lie, the tea was good. It’s still not something I’d drink on the daily, but our kind server chose a subtle blend that was perfect for my baby taste buds.

Would we do a London high tea at Fortnum and Mason again? Hells yes.

Look Ma! I'm drinking tea!
Look Ma! I’m drinking tea like a big girl.


Our fancy pants high tea was courtesy of the kind folks at GetYourGuide. They’re happy to help you book catered tours all around the world. As always, all thoughts are our own i.e. we would have told you if the tea sucked, regardless of whether we paid for it or not. We give this experience four Captain and Clark thumbs up!

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