Discovering Venice through food with Walks of Italy.

Discovering Venice through food with Walks of Italy.

Our first stop in Italy while on our GowithOh tour was Venice. Italy is known for it’s food for a reason. It’s just that good. I have a disgusting confession. I used to think that Olive Garden was the best Italian food out there. Terrible, right? To be fair, I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Our Walks of Italy food tour quickly obliterated all my praise of the OG. The best part about Walks of Italy is that you don’t feel like you’re on a tour. It’s more like being shown around by a good friend that just happens to be a local. Our local guide, Mosé was the perfect person to satisfy our need for knowledge and mouthwatering food.

There wasn’t only food involved on this tour, my friends. There was plenty of wine and prosecco to go around. Venice is a great place to sample all of the local adult beverages because it’s a walking city. Drinking and driving is not an option. That’s why instead of going for coffee breaks, locals go for prosecco breaks. Just my kind of place.

Our first stop on the tour.
Our first stop on the tour.

Our first stop was my favorite. It was quite literally a hole in the wall that was stacked with tiny sandwiches. Mosé chose two for us to sample and I almost lost it. I have no words to describe how delicious these were. My favorite was the prosciutto with truffle oil and robiola cheese. Every now and then I’ll wake up in cold sweats, dreaming about that tasty delight. I can say with certainty that it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.

Discovering Venice through food.

I was already feeling good after our first stop and couldn’t wait to see what else was in store. We headed to the nearby Rialto market and strolled through all of the vendors, stopping to talk about how Italians make their food with the freshest ingredients, most of them purchased that same day at the market. My favorite part of the market was all of the placards that told you which region the produce and seafood came from.

Walks of Italy Venice food tour

Every stop we made was not only accompanied with food, but it as also paired with some form of wine. We had prosecco at our first stop, red wine at the two stops after, and our day ended with coffee… followed by a shot of hard hitting grappa. I left the tour completely full and a little tipsy.

Exploring Venice through food.

While I could go on about the mind blowing food that we had on our tour, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a peek at the ridiculous samples we had below. We loved that we were taken to places that the locals frequent, not noisy tourist traps. In fact, in some cases we were the only wide-eyed foreigners in the shop.

Our second sample included various sea food dishes.
Our second sample included various sea food dishes.
Even more delicious than they look.
Even more delicious than they look.

If you want to experience Italian food like a local be sure to try the Walks of Italy Venice food tour. Our biggest piece of advice is to come with an empty stomach and be prepared to have your taste buds utterly satisfied. Please tell Mosé that we say, “Ciao” and “buon appetito!”

Our new friend and foodie expert!
Mosé, our new friend and foodie expert!



Walks of Italy treated us to this food tour through Venice but all opinions are our own. Would we recommend this tour to our friends? Hells yes! That’s why we wrote about it.

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