Life lessons from rock climbing

My arms were quivering, my legs fatigued, and my fingers were killing me as they dug into the jagged limestone. I cautiously peered below me at the ground that seemed miles away. I was about to lose my grip and I couldn’t see any good hand holds above me. I took a deep breath, swallowed my pride, and yelled below […]

Spokane in a Day

We’ve found ourselves in Spokane, WA for a little while before we leave for Alberta, Canada. Since Spokane is one of our many homes we thought we might suggest a few things to do if you’re here for a day and looking for adventure.   Way Out West Located just off of I-90, this is a magical land of all […]

See Vienna with GetYourGuide

I hadn’t expected to like Vienna as much as I did. Most of what I knew about the city I had learned from The Illusionist with Edward Norton. I’m sure Vienna is thrilled to have that as their flagship ambassador. Nevertheless, my interest about this city has been stoked slowly for many years. Our arrival felt more like a dream […]

Reflections among 6 million dead in the Paris catacombs

Deep underneath the storefront windows and busy Parisian streets lies endless tunnels. Some of these tunnels are empty, some filled with graffiti art, and others are piled high with human bones. It’s no secret that these tunnels exist, but not many people know exactly what lies beneath the cobblestone streets. Having seen pictures of the stocked human remains beforehand, I […]