Spokane in a Day

Spokane in a Day

We’ve found ourselves in Spokane, WA for a little while before we leave for Alberta, Canada. Since Spokane is one of our many homes we thought we might suggest a few things to do if you’re here for a day and looking for adventure.


Way Out Weststatues and stuff near I 90 Spokane

Located just off of I-90, this is a magical land of all things amazing. If the fact that there is a UFO perched out front doesn’t say it all then perhaps you’ll be more impressed by the chance to fight a T-Rex. No matter what kind of oddities you’re into you’re sure to find something at Way Out West. It’s a living museum that ebbs and flows daily. I’d say it’s more art than anything. Everything you see as you meander around is for sale too.

Tawny and I just picked up a cow skull there. We added some yarn and feathers and hey presto, “art!”


what is the place with the ufo off of I 90 Spokane
Yes, it’s also a grill.

unique things to do in SPokane

If you’re in the mood to check it out you can find this gem of Spokane atΒ 11610 W White Rd, Spokane, WA 99224.

Manito Park – Japanese Gardens

Manito Park is a beautiful city park with a whole bunch of different sections. There is a green house conservatory with desert and tropical flowers, a wild flower garden, cliff view, traditional rose garden, pond, lilac garden, and even a Japanese garden. The only hard part about visiting the Manito area is trying to decide which part is best.

Manito Park
Gaiser Conservatory
interesting things to do in Spokane
Dirty plants…
Captain Chris Staudinger
Find your zen in the Japanese Gardens
what to do in Spokane
Enjoy Spokane, the lilac city

Captain Chris StaudingerBoo Radley’s

The benchmark of the wonderful and bizarre. Are you looking for zombie lawn gnomes, tongue-in-cheek cards, or ice cubes shaped like the Titanic? Well, boy howdy do I have a shop for you! It’s right downtown and without a shadow of a doubt, one of the coolest places in Spokane. I always buy my Sasquatch bait there.

The end is near
The end is near


My favorite brunch spot in all of Spokane. It isn’t just the pretty baristas, the homemade french pastries, or the artisan coffee. No. It’s the Reuben. Madeleine’s reuben is the best in the state, maybe the country. Winner of countless awards and my heart, it’s more of a work of passion than a mere sandwich. The soft Parisian pastels of this local eatery will lull you into a false sense of calm, the flavors here are powerful enough to turn back the mighty Spokane river.

best places to eat in Spokane best food in Spokane delicious Spokane


The Looff Carousel

Built in 1909, this is a carousel that features a whole herd of hand carved horses. Oliver’s Pride is clearly the best. Nonetheless, any of the outside horses offer you a chance to grab a ring as you pass around. Then you get the opportunity to try to throw the ring into a target. It was a blast as a kid, and it’s still fun now. If you catch the elusive brass ring you get a free ride… and also glory and honor the rest of your days.

IMG_2802 IMG_2801 IMG_2798

The River


It’s hard to talk about Spokane and not mention the river. Especially now in the spring when it’s erupting right beneath the bridges. The Spokane river is such a majestic and terrible force that you can feel it vibrate as you stand on the cable bridges that connect the islands in the middle of Riverfront park. If you come to Spokane you simply must allow yourself the opportunity to stand in awe of the mighty Spokane river.

Spokane has so much to offer. These are just a few of the must-do tips for Spring. Did we miss one of your favorite parts? Want to hear our top 10? Let us know in the comments below!



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