When travel bloggers collide

When travel bloggers collide

To some people it might sound like a nightmare. A dozen strangers living together under one roof. Hell, it sounded like the recipe for disaster to me. You never know what can go wrong when you put 12 strangers in a house together. It’s even harder when all of these strangers are in the same job market. Will people be friendly? Petty? Out for blood and secrets?

With the annual North American TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) happening in Toronto, Chris and I knew that we needed a nice and inexpensive place to stay for the conference. We still hadn’t found a reasonable place to stay a few weeks before TBEX and luckily our fellow travel blogger, Lola, came to our rescue. She found us a legit Flipkey rental that fit all of our needs. Initially, it was only going to be Chris and I staying with a handful of other bloggers. As news spread of our spacious accommodations, more people decided to crash at the pad. What started as a house of seven quickly turned into twelve.

I went to Toronto fully prepared to keep all of my cards close to my chest, but within minutes of entering the townhouse, all of those fears were dashed. We were greeting by Lola and Craig, already a few drinks in and all too ready to make us as comfortable (and drunk) as possible. Things only got better as more people arrived. We ended up sharing the house (and the debauchery) with GQ Trippin, Stay Adventurous, Traveling, Ted, half of the Lazy Travelers, Small Crazy, Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler, Travel Destination Bucket List, The World Wanderer, and our crazy den mother, Lola’s Travels. There was this insane energy in the house. Everyone was having a great time and the best part was that even though there were 12 travel bloggers staying together in one house, we rarely talked shop. If anything, all of our travel conversations were hilarious monologues about what we wanted to do when we retired from travel blogging. Craig, regaled us with his plans on making it into the Travel Blogger’s Hall of Fame along with what he needed to do to insure his spot on the wall. I nearly died from laughing so hard.

While we all shared a similar passion for travel, we were able to connect on so many other levels. Between insane amounts of booze, our cardboard bar, incredibly hilarious people, and more props that one person can count, our Flipkey townhouse was one of the most poppin’ spots in all of Toronto.

TBEX travel bloggers exchange toronto

If there’s one thing I learned from TBEX Toronto it’s that travel bloggers are an awesome bunch. We are intrepid souls well versed in the art of adapting to new situations and cultures. It was great to be around an abundance of people who were well traveled. It’s the one place where I felt like I could openly share all of my recent travel experiences without sounding pretentious. Travel is our not merely our passion. It’s our job. It’s something that we quite literally live, breathe, and eat and is usually at the forefront of our minds.

Aside from our new travel troupe from our Flipkey rental, we were able to spend some quality time with our fellow Expedia Viewfinders. We all worked so hard to make it to launch day and it was incredible to see our posts live on the Expedia Viewfinder Blog. Chris and I sincerely love each and every person in this tight-knit family and are thrilled that we were chosen to partake in this incredible new endeavor.

Expedia Viewfinders

Thanks to TBEX we were able to finally meet a ton of travel bloggers that we have been following for years. I would love to give shout outs to all of our new friends, but that might take up the remainder of the post. Instead, I’ll leave you with a few ridiculous pictures from TBEX Toronto 2013.

GQ Trippin Captain and Clark TBEX Toronto
Photo courtesy of @GQtrippin
TBEX Toronto 2013
Travel blogging has fulfilled my life in so many ways. One of which is bringing me Backpack with Brock, one of my best friends.

No Vacation Required TBEX

With fellow travel blogger brides.
With fellow travel blogger brides. Photo courtesy of @artofbackpackin
Travel Bloggers TBEX Toronto
Photo courtesy of @backpackerbrock
Photo courtesy of Kelly Ferro
Photo courtesy of @KellyFerro
Photo courtesy of @Duzer
Photo courtesy of @Duzer

Thank you TBEX for another great conference. We left Toronto feeling fulfilled and inspired. We can’t wait for next year! Until then, I leave you with this…

This is what happens when you meet your blogging soul mates.
This is what happens when you meet your blogging soul mates. GQ Trippin didn’t see it coming!

8 thoughts on “When travel bloggers collide

    • Author gravatar


      When I first saw this post I was like WHAT they’re only blogging about this NOW that’s so late I thought they were supposed to be pros.. Hahahaha well still, you beat me…

      See you soon I hope! Maybe in Seattle.. Maybe in London,. Maybe in a police station somewhere.. Who knows THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. ENDLESS I TELL YOU!!!!!


      Love from the best blog commenter in the universe.

    • Author gravatar

      Hilarious post and side-splitting photos.

    • Author gravatar

      i love you two so much. it breaks my heart we live on completely opposite coasts but i know we will plans some shenanigans together in the very near future!! xxx LOLA

    • Author gravatar

      Looks like buckets of fun. Maybe I will make it to a TBEX before your (unanticipated) retirement.
      And you touched on something interesting here… I love other travelers for making me not feel pretentious whenever I talk about travel. My best stories all too often begin with “This one time in…” and more often than not, I just don’t bother, depending on the crowd because I don’t want to be that guy…

    • Author gravatar

      Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of beer ;P Would be keen to check out a TBEX in the near future!

    • Author gravatar

      awesome! looks like you guys had a lot of fun. it’s our wish to attend TBEX someday so we can learn more about travel blogging.

    • Author gravatar

      OMG – I miss you guys so much – time for a reunion!!! Or I know – a Caribbean reunion this November – always up for some sun and some fun… And a huge thanks Captain Clark – you make the best drinks! If you ever tire of life on the road – mixologist at private parties has your name all over it!

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