The 85th Annual Slush Cup

The 85th Annual Slush Cup

Slush Cup

 There is a glorious event in the mountains of Alberta known as Slush Cup. For 85 years now, young daredevils arrive in ridiculous outfits and try to prove themselves in the ultimate arena… an ice-cold slush pond.

Alberta slush cup85 years ago the tradition of Slush Cup began with the staff. Every year when they began to close the Sunshine Village ski resort they would have to cross an ever-growing slush pool. As the creek that ran through the ski resort began to flow and the snow began to melt  the challenge (and the pool) grew even bigger. It wasn’t long before the staff dared one another to try to jump it. Today, it’s pretty much the same idea. The last day of ski season marks the day of reckoning. Contestants register in long lines, dressed on a spectrum of comical to skimpy. All the while the staff fills a 12 ft. deep pool with ice water.

85th annual slush cup

The idea is pretty simple. You try to ski or snowboard down the slope as quickly as you can and hope the get enough speed that when you hit the jump you clear most of the slush pool. You then water ski across what’s left.


Or you don’t.

slush cup failure

Slush cup failure

“Don’t” isn’t as much fun.


Anyone with a love for cold and a commitment to the extreme can enter. The Sunshine Village resort is just outside of Banff and has great skiing when it’s not hosting the Slush Cup. Banff resort

If you want to see more of Slush Cup and Banff you should check out our videos on the whole ordeal on our Expedia Viewfinder Page.

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