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Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World


It’s no secret that the single most important thing in Tawny and my life is coffee. That might be an exaggeration, but I’m unwilling to discuss it until after my Starbucks run. A lot of people ask us if we’ve ever encountered hardships while traveling. They ask us if being in Thailand during the Red Shirt protests was difficult, or if the Pakistani border was tough on the nerves, “surely hitch-hiking across South Africa had you at your wit’s end?!” No. You want to know difficult? We drove from Virginia to Kansas and never once found a cup of coffee. Sweet tea? That’s not coffee my friends.

We almost died.

With such passion for the caffeine gods welling in our veins it should come as no surprise that we are about to launch a new series in which we devote our selves with academic zeal to the coffee cultures of the world. . If you love coffee as much as we do, you’ll be hot on the trail to your own perfect cup soon. So why not run to Washington or Italy, our favorite… If you like it cold, take a trip like we did to the beautiful islands of Hawaii with their iced coffee that could make our dear Dutch Bros blush, or go try out the Chinese version that we found at the corner of our cheap hotel in Hong Kong. Whether we’re sipping civet coffee, fresh from the butt, or sampling espresso with Italian models, rest assured we will find your fix. Here’s a quick shot of what we have in store.

Coffee in India Captain and Clark coffee in Hong Kong coffee in Edmonton the best coffee in the world coffee in Redmond IMG_3472 coffee in Alberta Tim Hortons coffee in Italy coffee on the trains in Italy Is Italian coffee the best in the world the coffee scene in Spokane coffee in in London is the coffee in Paris that good? do you get water with your coffee in Austria Vienna

sketchy Budapest coffee

coffee around the world Coffee with Captain and Clark



Yes, the barista at Global Bean in Bremerton, WA is the best in the world.

Yes, the barista at Global Bean in Bremerton, WA is the best in the world.


So whether we are discussing Italian vs. Seattle coffee or just praising the magic elixir that is java, please keep your eyes open. And, do tell,

What do you think is the best coffee in the world?

You can also check out our coffee cultures around the world, HERE, on USA Today.

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18 comments on “Coffee Around the World

  1. As a coffee lover, I am a bit obsessed with this post. Totally feel your pain when there’s no coffee in sight. Love these cups around the world – some are SO beautiful, and great video on ordering coffee…hilarious, but also very true!
    Erin at The World Wanderer recently posted…Music Monday: Nothing Here But Love.My Profile

  2. I’m not sure if I love coffee or YOU guys talking about coffee more! I adore you two and look SO forward to this series on my favorite drinking liquid. I can completely relate to the tea comments–NOT a tea drinker here (unless its tea DISGUISED as coffee, like a chai or something). Thanks for the lesson AND the smiles :-)

  3. Sarah Curtis on said:

    Cafe Mox in Ballard. They make latte art like this:
    And it’s a gamer cafe. So you grab games from next door at Card Kingdom and you play them for hours at their huge tables while sipping your dragon latte. Cards against Humanity is just one of the many games they have available to play. XD

  4. Coffee makes the world go ’round, so why not go around the world for coffee.
    *wink, grin*
    Maria recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – ItalyMy Profile

  5. Beautiful shots of coffee! So creative. This is a great idea for people who travel, to take photos of the same kinds of things in each city, like bicycles, doors, or street lamps. Or like you did, food and drink. Love it! And love your blog.

  6. Loved the coffee pictures…. but coffee is best served black. None of this milk crap.


    I’ve had both Kpoi Luwak and Filipino Civet Coffee.
    Steve Miller recently posted…VIDEO: My Korea, Your Words – LifeMy Profile

  7. The best one is for sure the Italian coffee :) (ops..we’re Italian!)

  8. With my limited experience so far I’d have to say that Costa Rica has had the best coffee I’ve tasted.
    Melissa @ Suitcase and Heels recently posted…The Hunt for the Perfect Laptop BagMy Profile

  9. I love tea too, but yeah sometimes you just have to have coffee. To go without, especially on a road trip, is torture. Gotta say I love that you include Tim Horton’s in the coffee mix. I don’t usually seek out coffeeshops when I travel, but at home in Edmonton I always love having a flat white from Transcend. My guess for the first Edmonton coffee picture up there is that it’s either from Transcend or Credo. Am I right?
    Alouise recently posted…Win A Magazine Subscription from ZinioMy Profile

  10. Love this post!! Especially the ones from Italy :)

  11. Love your collection =) I always enjoy trying coffee in different countries
    Andrea recently posted…On the Road In MaineMy Profile

  12. Once I went Aeropress I never went back. It’s amazing. That said, you can also get portable espresso machines that only require hot water and ground coffee (or pods) that apparently work really darn well. They basically work like miniature super soakers. You pump to build up the pressure.
    OCDemon recently posted…The time I got stuck in a Moldovan canyon like an idiotMy Profile

  13. I don’t even like coffee, but I would order that cat one just to see it! Amazing!! :)
    Arianwen recently posted…Two Years After the Christchurch EarthquakeMy Profile

  14. Your trip isn’t complete without having a coffee break. You have to taste what drink because they said that you can determine the culture and people of a place through their dishes and drinks.
    Preston McGee recently posted…Lenovo Vibe X S960 Android GPS You Can’t Live WithoutMy Profile

  15. Love love coffee :) Am a coffee geek and roast coffee at home (haah!), no wonder many of our posts are about best cafes around the world !

    Great pictures ! I have heard so much about the coffee in Seattle, am dying to visit and try it out :)

    For me, espresso is the drink of choice, although I experiement with all brewing methods – the best cafe so far has been nude espress in London

    How about you?


    vid recently posted…Petra: The Lost City in the Heart of JordanMy Profile

  16. Great coffee pictures you two. It is really interesting to see the different coffees by comparison. They are different yet similar at the same time.
    Andy recently posted…How to improve your travel videosMy Profile

  17. You should try some “greek” or “turkish” (if you prefer) coffee (they both refer to the same thing). I love it! Its taste is very unique and it is the most popular coffee around the middle East and the Balkans.I personally drink it every morning, but the best time to enjoy it is after waking up from a summer “afternoon siesta” in which case you should accompany it with some traditional greek “glyka tou koutaliou” (spoon sweets). A glass of water is also recommended (personal opinion). There is a whole ritual regarding greek coffee that unlike espresso, is drunk in slow and small sips. To prepare it you put water in a “briki” (a narrow-topped pot), add the powder ground coffee and some sugar if you like, then bring the briki into medium-low heat and remove it just before it starts to boil. Its flavour is completely distinctive and I suggest you try it at some point. It is also regarded to be very good for your health. What is more if you are lucky one, you might get someone (usually old women in Greece) to tell your fortune, just by reading the patterns created by the residues of coffee in your “flitzani” (small cup). Greek coffee is one of those cultural experiences that you need to try, especially if you are a coffee addict like you guys! After all, even if you don’t like, you can add it to your list of coffees from around the world.

    Da :-)

  18. Love this post!! Especially the ones from Italy… London My Dream Country..
    Deepak Sudera recently posted…Party Flyer Psd Design For Photoshop UserMy Profile

  19. This post makes me extremely jealous. I am currently living in Brazil, and although the grow some of the best coffe in the world, the unfortunately export it all, leaving the Brazilians with Nescafe (yuck). I’ve heard some of the best coffee in the world comes from Australia actually, I guess I’ll find out when I go there in February!

  20. Great coffee pictures you two. It is really interesting to see the different coffees by comparison.

  21. Ever tasted one of the worlds most expensive coffee in the Philippines?

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