Woodinville – Blood, meet alcohol

Woodinville – Blood, meet alcohol

In case you haven’t heard the news, Woodinville, WA is becoming the new hotspot for those who love liquor. As more and more micro-distilleries begin to pop up in the great state of Washington we’re seeing our home become a bigger blip on people’s radars. In the last decade Washington has already earned a reputation as one of the world’s finest wine countries. Couple that with a massive collection of micro-breweries and you’ve got yourself a recipe for fun.

Woodinvile WA
Microbrews are my jam


What makes this little hamlet so enticing is the sheer amount of distilleries, wineries, and micro-breweries represented there. It’s a one stop shop for tasting and deciding on your favorites in the WA area. As if that wasn’t enough (it is though) there is also a ropes course there. The Adventura ropes challenge course is awesome. My brothers and I went recently to check it out and we weren’t disappointed.

things to do in Woodinville WAThis course is 35ft off the ground and offers 57 aerial elements (honestly, up the challenge and try them with your eyes closed) and on site professionals to keep you safe. Nothing is going to make you want a drink as badly as this. The good news is, you can quite literally see the Red Hook brewery from the course.

All of this, just outside of Seattle by 20 min.

Have you been to Woodinville? What did you think?

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