Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Since today is the Captain’s favorite holiday we decided to give you two treats. For tonight, here’s your copy of Halloween Bingo. Savor it.     This would count for two at least. For right now though, here is a look at the Halloweens from ages past. Also, Captain couldn’t decide who to go as this year […]

Croatia through food

I honestly believe that one of the best ways to experience the culture of a destination is through its food. This could not have held more true for the country of Croatia. I could literally taste the country’s tumultuous history through the meals that we enjoyed. We found traces of Austria and Hungary with the schnitzel and strudels in Zagreb, […]

Why we love zombies

I love zombies for the same reason I love winter snow storms, camp fires, hiking, and in a lot of ways, travel. Somebody once had a brilliant quote about winter that pissed me off to no end. Unfortunatly, I was so angry about the quote that I neglected to take note of who said it. Today, it is one of […]

Maris Farms – Best Fall Activites

Fall is in the air! With days left until Halloween we went on a search for the finest fall inspired activities. Whether you’re into picking pumpkins or shooting zombies, here is one of our top spots for embracing the party that is autumn. Maris Farms¬† Oh friends, Maris Farms comes out of the gate swinging. I’ve a list as long […]

One of the most haunted spots in WA

The countdown to Halloween is upon us. We’ve always made it a tradition to visit haunted and spooky places this time of year. Some of you may remember our journey to the most haunted house in Korea. With only 8 days to the big event it seemed like a good time to talk about one of the most haunted places […]

The Doors of Croatia

  Tawny and I have only spent four days in Croatia but we are already deeply in love with this gorgeous country. We’ve been having too much fun to write much but we wanted to give you all a taste of what we’ve seen. As travel is a door to the world it seemed only fitting to focus a little […]


Everyday in October is a party! To celebrate the season of bounty, harvest, and intoxication we’ve compiled a list of seven things you can do to celebrate life to it’s fullest. Go out and clutch the sensation of being alive to your bosom! #1 – Go to Octoberfest in Lederhosen or a Dirndl What says October party more than Oktoberfest? […]

The Big Island – Hawaii

We stayed in some gorgeous places in Hawaii. As it was our honeymoon, we decided to go big with our choices. This was Tawny’s first time to the Big Island and my first time walking around. I’ve only ever been here as a refueling port while sailing or cruising. I’m sad it took this long. The wild and sweeping beauty […]

Honeymoon Captain and Clark Style

It’s honeymoon time. For all of you out there planning a wedding or those of you who have already lived through the circus of being married you know. You know how stressful and exhausting the whole process is. Tawny and I were torn. On one hand we were having the time of our life at the wedding, on the other […]