Honeymoon Captain and Clark Style

Honeymoon Captain and Clark Style

It’s honeymoon time. For all of you out there planning a wedding or those of you who have already lived through the circus of being married you know. You know how stressful and exhausting the whole process is. Tawny and I were torn. On one hand we were having the time of our life at the wedding, on the other hand, we needed to get out-of-town. We had our flights to Hawaii all lined up for Monday morning but we needed a place to stay Saturday and Sunday night. I managed to keep our first stop a secret from Tawny for months. That’s like trying to keep a secret from a trained CIA interrogator.

Leavenworth has a huge grab bag of lodging options but I opted to go for a vacation home rental for the first two nights of marital bliss. The Icicle Chalet is just off of the Icicle Highway on the edge of Leavenworth and it was awesome. places to stay near Leavenworth

We got a little chalet complete with hot tub, giant chess board, and gorgeous view. The best part was how secluded it was. You can hear the icicle river from the deck but the hot tub is still tucked away from everyone. We could sit back and take in all the stars, each with our own bottle of champagne. BOOM!

vacation home rentals in Leavenworth
Private Hot Tub
Huge Space + Adorable
Huge Space + Adorable
places to stay in leavenworth
Wood fire stove
Full Kitchen
Full Kitchen

Now though, we’ve been island hopping. We spent a few nights in Oahu, a few nights on the Big Island, and few nights on Kauai, and then back to Oahu to spend some time with Tawny’s family who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Here’s a look at what we did last time we were in Oahu. As we revel in the tail end of the honeymoon we’ll start putting up pictures and stories of our time on the islands. Personally, both Tawny and I were blown away in places that we didn’t think we would be. There were some parts of Hawaii that we never expected. It was a solid choice for a honeymoon destination, we couldn’t have asked for more. Here’s a little preview of what we’ve been up to.

We’ve seen a lot of horses.

Captain and Clark in Hawaii
Ombre hair, they has it.



Not all horses love Tawny, but I do
Not all horses love Tawny, but I do

We’ve spent a lot of time on and in the water. And loved it.

Captain and Clark in Hawaii
Our new friend Rae
surf lessons in Waikiki
Surfing off the coast of Waikiki


Sailing off the coast of Oahu
Sailing off the coast of Oahu

We’ve been living it up.

IMG_4140 IMG_4155 IMG_4012

And of course, we’ve seen some wicked awesome sights.


Tomorrow I’ll be talking about our favorite place on the Big Island. Stay tuned. If for no other reason than I’ve got more pictures of Tawny to go up.

Also, let us know your thoughts on our latest View Finder post. We love feedback.

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