Everyday in October is a party!

To celebrate the season of bounty, harvest, and intoxication we’ve compiled a list of seven things you can do to celebrate life to it’s fullest. Go out and clutch the sensation of being alive to your bosom!

#1 – Go to Octoberfest in Lederhosen or a Dirndl

Captain Chris Staudinger
Das ist gut, ja?

What says October party more than Oktoberfest? Germany and Austria both have excellent festivals. However, if you can’t travel that far a lot of places have great Oktoberfests nearby. Why not consider Frankenmuth, MI or Leavenworth, WA? You can get your fill of Bavaria without a passport. If those are too far try bringing Bavaria to your town by donning a pair of lederhosen or a traditional dirndl. It’s more comfortable than you think and even more fun than you can imagine.

hot dirndl girls
Oktoberfest in Leavenworth
hot Octobefest pics
Shameless Dirndl Pictures


Still too far? You baby. Just watch this video and you’ll be golden.


#2 – Travel with someone hot

Captain and Clark
Travel with a hottie

As the weather cools down, the fashion heats up. Fall is the perfect time to go out and take a trip with someone good looking. Especially October. Prices are down and the weekends beg for exploration. Whether you’re looking for a longer trip or just a weekend exploration of a local farmers market you’ll be satisfied. This is the time of year to really consider picking up a bottle of fresh hard cider and go out for the weekend. Nothing says Christoberfest as much as a staycation. Find your romantic interest and take them out on the road.

Local treasures at the farmers market

# 3 – Learn to cook something new

cook like a man
Cooked with only a flame and a knife

This is the harvest season, and so few things celebrate this time of year as well as food. Hit up a fair or farmer’s market and learn to cook something local. Or try themed cooking to really spice things up…

Captain and Clark
Getting kinky in the kitchen


#4 – Attend a Renaissance Faire

Renaissance faires in Spokane
Hear ye, hear ye.

Cast off your notions of what a ren faire might be, dear gentle folk. Not only is it an excuse to get dressed up and eat meat with your hands, but there is often a chance to beat one another with sticks or drink to excess. It’s like being back in college, except instead of there being a middle-aged woman in your class, you’ll have women of the middle ages. Hot.

Not to mention, there might be a pumpkin trebuchet. Even hotter.

spokane things to do in Fall
Spokane’s Tournament of the Golden Apple


  #5 – Smashing Pumpkins




If you’ve been thinking that pumpkins are only good for carving or eating, you’ve been wrong. Not just a great band, it is also one of the finest parts of the year. When you get to take all your stress out on a hollow gourd, it’s a magical thing. Take it from my personal experience though and don’t use your fist. A pumpkin can be an incredibly difficult thing to punch through. Correction. What I meant to say was, if you try to punch through a pumpkin you’ll break your hand. Just get a hammer.


Tawny loves Smashing Pumpkins. She also love breaking gourds.


 #6 – Go get drunk (responsibly)

vintage wedding

 Fall is a time to celebrate and certainly a time to celebrate with friends. Set aside the time to get a drink with your companions and spins some yarns about the good old days. Find a place to toast to one another.

one should always be drunk


#7 – Go to a haunted house or pumpkin patch, or corn maze

Pumpkin Patch
WA Corn Maze
Prater Vienna March 2013-33
Haunted House in the Prater, Vienna

No matter what you choose, take this time to go out and live life to the fullest! This is the season of bounty, the month of drinking it in, the time for celebration. Everyday in October is a party!

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4 thoughts on “Christoberfest!

    • Author gravatar

      Love those Dirndls! Never been to the Oktoberfest despite being German, as I find it a bit too commercial. I much prefer the smaller beer festivals all over the country. They are more cosy and less expensive!

    • Author gravatar

      Great! Pumpkins look so delicious 🙂 October is certainly a wonderful month, I think in every corner of the world!

    • Author gravatar

      Fall is definitely my favorite season, and with everything that comes with October, it is my favorite month. THe Maryland Renn Fest is going on and I make it a point to grab my medieval drinking horn and drown myself in mead, eat turkey legs, and surround myself with wenches!

      And Maryland has a sick haunted forest here that I try to make it to every year.

      Want dedication to Halloween? I have a rib tattoo of Jack Skellington…

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