A special toast

A special toast

One of the things that I love about my relationship with Chris is that we are constantly celebrating every milestone, no matter how small it is. Take tonight for example.

Yes, that’s a five dollar bottle of champagne poured into plastic hotel cups with the tunes of an iPhone crooning us in the background. The funny thing is that this isn’t unusual for us. I’d say that we probably buy ourselves a bottle of champagne at least twice a month. Sometimes it’s a fancy expensive bottle and sometimes it’s bubbly produced from the coins we found in our dryer, but whatever the label on the bottle, the outcome is always the same. We clink our glasses (or cups) and say what it is that deserves this toast. “To the adventure” is usually our go-to moniker, but tonight it was to us.

We cheers-ed to our recent wedding and honeymoon. Took sips as we reminisced about our latest trips to Hawaii, Croatia, and Las Vegas. Laughed about how we spent the last six nights in one of the shadiest hotels we’ve experienced since India. And shared our excitement over the big trip that we’re taking in a few short days.

It’s times like these that Chris and I like to reflect on how far we’ve come. Not only personally or in our relationship, but with this life that we’ve made for ourselves. It’s not always easy or glamorous. We’ve struggled and have had to make sacrifices that we initially deemed unfair. But the beauty of this life is that it is ours. It’s one that we chose and something that we get to do together.

So tonight, we tipsily raise our glasses to each other. To this life that we’ve created. And to the love that we share.

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