2013 in Review

Dear Tawny, it’s that time of year again. I know how winter can pull you inside of yourself and make you look back on what you’ve done. I hope that you realize what a good year this was. We took a leap, again, and landed on our feet. Another year, living independently and living the dream. Our dream. Here’s a […]

Beats by Dr. Dre (Giveaway CLOSED)

We recently received an offer to review a pair of the wireless headphones from our good friend Dr. Dre. He’s very busy so his liason, Staples, asked us but I’m sure he wanted to ask us himself. Obviously we saw the commercial recently in which Beats lays it on Seattle Seahawks fans pretty thick. Honestly, we understand why. Considering how […]

Winter Solstice

  It’s finally time. December 21st marks the Winter Solstice and consequently the shortest day of the year. At Captain and Clark, our prime directive is to celebrate all parts of life as we voyage along our journey of self discovery. This life event is an excellent chance to do so. As the sun rises on the 22nd winter will […]

Korean Bullfights

South Korea has a tradition of bullfights that is as long and time honored as the ones in Spain. With one very large difference, no one dies. A Korean bullfight features two bulls, released into a ring, that push against one another until one decides to run away. All the while their trainer is shouting encouragement to them over their […]

The Eternal Debate: Backpack or Rolling case

Our recent trip to Korea offered us an interesting chance to compare our new style of travel. As an avid backpacker and outdoorsman, I find myself an eternal patron of using durable and high quality rucksacks to travel. I’m what the travel world has lovingly dubbed, “a backpacker.” Tawny however has just entered into a new world of class and […]

Travel Inspiration to Brighten the Day

Travel in and of itself is an inspiration to us. There are glorious times though that we love to see the intangible ether of our souls put down in words. There are those moments where you read something that so perfectly expresses what you feel that you cannot help but share it. Here are a few of our favorite quotes […]

Cat Cafes in Korea

South Korea and Japan have started a new craze of cafes where one can go, get a cup of coffee, and seek companionship. Some cafes charge by the hour and some charge by the cup. When you first walk in it can be a little nerve-wracking. A dozen beautiful eyes all turn to appraise you when you walk in. At first, […]