The Armytek Predator Flashlight – Best Travel Flashlight EVER

The Armytek Predator Flashlight – Best Travel Flashlight EVER

In the world of flashlights it’s hard to know where to go. As avid travelers we’ve been huge proponents of headlamps for years. In particular the retractable cord headlamp from Petzl is one of our go-to lights. Recently though we were in the market for a more durable light that would be hardy in the field and would put out enough light to make the sun envious. Our conclusion was the Armytek Predator.


Armytek flashlight review
Armytek in Action – Great for Zombie Prep


Here’s our list of pros and cons for the Armytek Predator Tactical Flashlight.


  • Powerful – The flashlight projects a powerful beam to a useable distance of over 400 yeards. The website promotes it as being usable to 400+ meters. We tested ours to the same distance.
  • Durable – The strong aluminum body is covered with an alloy that makes it easy to grip. Mostly when I hold it I want to punch someone in the face with it. It feels like Thor’s hammer streaming lighting.
  • Waterproof – If you watch the video you’ll see that Tawny enjoys dropping my things in whiskey. She’s also a little clumsy in general. Insurance on our electronics is a must. If I can buy something that is both drop resistant and waterproof, I do. Always.
  • Affordable – While it seems a little steep in a world where you can buy a keychain light for $1 I’m all on board. The Predator retails for about $100 but it’s built to last. Personally I’ve had too many flashlights fail on my while in the woods. Last time I was hiking for a week we got caught in a massive rain storm and one of my flashlights bit it. I would have prefered to spend a little extra on a higher quality flashlight. If you’re only using your light for walks to the car don’t bother. If you’re looking for a high function light to last you a lifetime, then think about this one.
  • POWER – Once again, I cannot stress just how powerful this light is.
  • Rechargeable battery – We left the light on for two days and used it in 10 degree conditions. It worked perfectly. The rating has it down for lasting 130 days with one rechargeable battery. I haven’t tried it that long yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • Rapid recharge – The battery charged from empty to full the first time in under an hour. Boom!
  • Good for zombie apocalypse.


  • Rechargeable battery – While the battery lasts forever and is easy to recharge I worry that we’ll be somewhere without a power source and I’ll need to recharge it. The spare batteries retail for about $12, so no big deal. I just sometimes miss AAs. Still, it’s better for the environment.
  • It can be a little pricy for a recreational user.
  • This particular model doesn’t have a flood feature. It’s a focused beam, which I like. If you want a flood feature the Armytek people have a lot of great options for reliable field flashlights.
Armytek reveiw
Light and Charger



Armytek offered us a flashlight in exchange for an honest opinion.

11 thoughts on “The Armytek Predator Flashlight – Best Travel Flashlight EVER

    • Author gravatar

      Expensive batteries and true, depending on where you’re at… power outages could be a problem, but that is a very cool torch.

    • Author gravatar

      I have a Predator Pro V2.5 and I agree. This is one of the best flashlight out there in the market. And you guys are hilarious! Thanks for the very enjoyable video!

    • Author gravatar

      That looks like pretty sweet light. LED + rechargeable batteries = endless free light! How is the build quality compared to Surefire?

    • Author gravatar

      great! My father had had two flashlights fail because of water. Even though this one is a bit expensive for me, I think it would be better to invest in the best rather than some cheap ones. It’s worth.
      Thank you for your useful review.

    • Author gravatar

      Seem like a cool LED flashlight. I like that it looks sturdy and waterproof, and I’m all for products that’s good in a zombie apocalypse ;). It’s a bit pricey but I think it would be a good gift for my boyfriend. He’s an outdoor activist! Thanks for the review!

    • Author gravatar

      Looks like I just found my next gift for my dad! This flashlight looks awesome.

    • Author gravatar

      Nice Post!!

      LED flashlight… The best thing that I liked about it is that it is waterproof seems durable. It is little costly to me but I think it would be a great self defense item for my collage going daughter.

      Thank you for this great share….

    • Author gravatar

      Great article on the Armytek-Predator, I came across this article while researching flashlights and you have done a great job with all of your review and comparisons. Makes me want to travel more. Thanks.

    • Author gravatar

      “It feels like Thor’s hammer streaming lighting”

      Haha I know that feeling! Someone who has never used a high end flashlight won’t understand the “power” you feel like you’re holding

    • Author gravatar

      Nice. I need to buy a new flashlight soon. Really helpful article. Thank you.

    • Author gravatar

      I have Armytek Predator Tactical Flashlight is best tactical flashlight first of all this flashlight is affordable. and its fully waterproof.its durable and come with a rechargeable battery.and rapid recharge feature its fully recharge only one hour.I fully satisfied this flashlight great tactical flashlight best tactical flashlights

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