Iceland: A treat for the eyes.

Okay. So, we’ve officially been back from Iceland for almost a week and we haven’t posted anything. In our defense, we have hundreds of pictures to sort though and we had such an incredible time that we don’t even know where to begin. We will say that Iceland is one of the most magical places that we’ve ever been and […]

Today, in Tacoma

Today, in Tacoma, we prepare for Iceland and celebrate Spring! We toured large houses.   We stopped into our local favorite, Corina Bakery, to see our cousin, Olivia. We were also in desperate need of some Pink Champaign Cake.   Next, we drank in all the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Ares’ favorite. He is Korean after all. Then home. […]


The countdown is official. In a few days we are embarking on a quest to visit Iceland with our dear companion, Lola. We’re talking road-trips, Northern Lights, fjords, Black Death, hip music, and all the other wonderful experiences Iceland has to offer. To prepare we’ve begun thinking in terms of Game of Thrones and even made our own house sigils […]

That time I got mugged in New York [almost]

This is embarrassing. My first trip to Manhattan was in 2008, and I was an attendant of the Travel Channel Academy. That’s not the embarrassing part. What is embarrassing is just how oblivious I was to the situation I stumbled into. When I travel, I am on the eleventh hour, red alert, action stations, type level of alert. The jungles […]