Our favorite meals from Costa Brava, Spain

Our favorite meals from Costa Brava, Spain

We ate a lot in Spain. That much is true. Between the tapas, cava, and everything in between, I never found myself wanting for food. It was our first time in Spain and I’d like to think that we did it right- at least when it came to our meals. We’ve comprised a sample of some of the greatness that we experienced while in Costa Brava. You might want to grab a napkin and a snack as all of these are drool inducing.

Let’s start with our favorite appetizer, pan con tomate

Popular Spanish appetizer. Pan Con Tomate.
Caanan showing us the proper way to eat pan con tomate

I was a little skeptical when I was told to smear a tomato on my beautifully toasted piece of bread, but I decided to trust the locals and boy was I glad that I did. The picture above was the first slice that we had in Spain and we soon learned a few tricks of the trade. Garlic, for example, can be rubbed on the bread before the tomato and it gives it the perfect burst of flavor.

This iconic appetizer is popular in the Cataluña region of Spain. We were told that this method was used on stale bread in the past. The tomato would moisten it and the salt and oil would gift it with flavor. We found ourselves enjoying this delicious treat before almost every meal. We loved it so much we had even tried to replicate it a few times since we’ve been home. We just haven’t found the perfect tomatoes yet.

Now, onto the iconic Spanish tapas

Oh, tapas. The Spanish know what they’re doing when it comes to tapas bars. I enjoyed being able to just grab plates of whatever looked delicious. My favorites were papas bravas, cheesy croquettes, and anything that was smothered in aioli sauce. The coastal city of Palamós was the sight of our tapas tour and I could barely walk after from all the food I sampled. Not only did we have our choice from what was on the bar, but servers came around every few minutes with a new plate of deliciousness. Why don’t we have more places like this in the United States? Oh, probably because I would weigh a thousand more pounds.

A sample of what we enjoyed on our tapas tour
A sample of what we enjoyed on our tapas tour

The prawns pictured above are famous in the Palamós region and even come with their own seal. While I’m not a lover of seafood, I found that I still had a plethora of tapas options, many of which involved cheese. All in all, I’m a big fan of tapas bars and I wish we had more in the States.

Compartir Restaurant in Cadaqués

Compartir served up one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had the privileged of eating. Compartir in Spainish means “to share” and it fits perfectly with the shared plates that we sampled. Located down an unassuming street in the coastal town of Cadaqués, this diamond in the rough knows how to treat its guests. We were greeted with a welcome cocktail (why don’t we have more of these in the United States?) and had the perfect selection of wine to go with each dish. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. You can tell that there’s a lot of love and care that goes into the food at Compartir.

best food in Costa Brava Spain

We enjoyed treasured conversations while dining on beautiful dishes. I can’t even count the number of courses that we had, but each one was innovative and oh-so tasty. We would definitely recommend Compartir as one of the best places to eat in Costa Brava.

Our first Michelin star restaurant, Casamar

When I first told Chris that we were going to eat at a Michelin star restaurant in Spain, he immediately thought I was taking him to a tire store. Once I explained to him that a Michelin Star is a mark of prestige for restaurants around the globe he seemed to perk up. Truth be told, our dining experience at Casamar seemed out of this world. The dishes looked almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Casamar is one of the best places to eat in Costa Brava

Casamar is located in the beautiful coastal town of Llafranc. The edible masterpieces arrived in multiple courses and each dish tasted better than the one before. Our appetizer was this palette of color featured below. The wonderful staff at Casamar even catered to my distaste for seafood and brought that ridiculously delicious salad (with creamy, melted cheese) in lieu of their octopus salad.

casamar one of the best places to eat

My favorite dish was the leek cannelloni. It practically melted in my mouth and the sauce was ridiculously creamy. Dessert was also delicious and came with a show. Plump and ripe strawberries were dipped in melted chocolate and then frozen in a cauldron of dry ice. I could have sat there and eaten those chocolate covered strawberries all day.

A romantic vineyard picnic

This meal was very simple, rustic and… well, beautiful. After a tour around the Terra Remota winery, we found ourselves under a canvas canopy with a gorgeous spread of fresh bread, tomatoes, cured meats, cheese, and wine (obviously). There was a light breeze in the air and the four of us relished in the gorgeous atmosphere as we enjoyed our picnic. I often day dream about our beautiful afternoon at Terra Remota.

Costa Brava winery picnic spain

Private cooking classes with iCookIt and Chef Jordi

Hands down, one of my favorite experiences from our time in Costa Brava was our private iCookIt cooking class with Chef Jordi. In his talented care, we learned how to prepare and cook some of our favorite Spanish dishes. Feel free to come on over to our apartment and we’ll cook you one delicious meal with all of the skills we learned from our class. We prepared gazpacho soup, a yummy Spanish omelet, a hefty pot of paella, and some crema catalana for dessert. Oh em gee. It was delicious.

icookit cooking class

Our cooking class with Chef Jordi in one of the most beautiful kitchens was a highlight of our trip. The food we made was incredible and Chef Jordi had us laughing and dancing around the room. We left our class feeling full and accomplished.

Our trip through Costa Brava was one of our favorite adventures to date. We are still pinching ourselves from all that we were able to experience and that we did it with two of our best friends, Kent and Caanan. Have you seen our video from the trip yet? If not, be sure to check it out below.


 A huge thanks to the Costa Brava Tourism Board for hosting our epic Expedia Storybook adventure. It was a magical trip that we’ll remember forever. To check out more from our adventure click here

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    • Author gravatar

      I’ve only been to Sevilla but I still had the chance to try a bunch of amazing tapas. When we were there we had the same question, “why don’t the have tapas in the U.S.?”

      We didn’t go to any fancy restaurants, we only tried hole-in-the-wall places, but the food was still pretty good. I can’t wait to go back and see more of Spain.

    • Author gravatar

      Making my mouth water! Everything looks muy deicioso!!!! Even the rustic bread and tomatoes! thanks for sharing… Im heading to a quick trip in Barcelona and now Im not going to eat for two days before my trip so I have space to fill up on Spanish delicacies!!!

    • Author gravatar

      I’ve never really explored Spanish food when I was working on the ship, but due to its influence to our culture I am pretty sure it’s yummy, and I can tell it just by looking at your photos!

    • Author gravatar

      I am headed to Spain next week and can’t wait to try all the wonderful food. I like the idea of tapas and don’t think I have every truly experienced it in its authenticity. I actually want to eat everything in your photos. I might even take a cooking class while I am there. Never really though of that till now.

      Great post!

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      it looks so delicious and i had never had a chance to enjoy that kind of Spanish food i hope my next order in Spanish restaurant it will be on my first menu order

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      I love Spanish food! I’ve a lot of friends in Spain, so I usually go to visit them a couple of times every year. It’s so delicious and just very different from the food here in Switzerland. Thanks for sharing!

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      I love taking cooking classes and the icookit class in Costa Brava looked really fun. We learned to make Tapas in Madrid – also highly recommended. Happy Travels!

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