Try the World. One box at a time.

Try the World. One box at a time.

It’s clearly no secret that Chris and I are obsessed with travel. I love taking in the culture of a new destination and one of my favorite aspects of a culture is its food. I’m a girl that loves her cuisine. Whether it’s a steamy bowl of tom kha gai in Thailand or a heaping plate of kalbi in Korea, I’m a sucker for authentic local dishes. This summer, Chris and I made the conscious decision to stay close to home and relax before our fall travels. While we’re both so grateful for the down time, we did miss the exotic flavors of distant lands. Luckily for us, our friends at Try the World had the perfect solution for our depravity.

Try the World subscription box review

The inventors of Try the World believe that life is too short to not try everything that’s out in the world. This bi-monthly subscription program allows its participants to discover the best gourmet food and cultural finds from across the globe. You (and your tastebuds) can experience a new country without even venturing outside your front door.

Our first box arrived yesterday and we had no idea what to expect. We slowly opened the box to reveal two sets of wooden chopsticks resting atop a beautiful Tokyo culture guide filled with recommended Japanese music playlists, movies,  restaurants, and even a recipe for green tea chocolates. Underneath the booklet was a stack of ornate origami paper. The packaging alone was a feast for the eyes.

After removing the origami paper we were met with a beautiful smorgasbord of treats from Tokyo. I might be devouring the creamy Morinaga caramels from our box as I type.

Try the World box montly subscription

The box had a very helpful guide (complete with cartoon pictures) depicting what each item was and how best to enjoy it. We sampled everything from our box with the exception of the misuzu mushroom condiment. We’ll be trying that later tonight in our stir-fry. Chris really enjoyed the blueberry matcha tea from the Aoi Tea Company while I was particularly taken with the Morinaga caramels and Maruhiko rice crackers.

Ideas on how to use your bi-monthly Try the World subscription:

Date nights at home. Spend the evening with your sweetheart tasting treats from around the world. Rent one of the recommended movies from the cultural guide that accompanies your box. Maybe even download a few of the songs from the playlist and truly set the mood. This can be a standing date night every time your new box arrives.

Throw a destination party. Gather your friends and family and cook dishes from the region that your box is coming from. This might mean a night of escargots, baguettes, and French wine as everyone gathers around the Paris box. Put in a French film and enjoy your new delicious treats.

Treat yourself. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the yummy contents of your Try the World box to yourself.

Treat a friend. These boxes can be gifted to loved ones. Send the birthday boy a taste of Rio or maybe help your parents celebrate their anniversary with the amazing Rome box!

Our friends at Try the World are offering a special discount code for our followers. Receive 30% off your first box (the Paris box!) with the code CAPTAINCLARKTRAVEL. A bi-monthly subscription is $45/month with free shipping and the ability to cancel whenever you like. While it may be on the pricier side, rest assured that the boxes come nearly overflowing with full-size delicacies. If you don’t want to commit to a bi-monthly subscription, you can purchase the Paris box on its own for $55.


The lovely folks at Try the World offered us the Tokyo box in exchange for our honest feedback. As always, our opinions are our own. 

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