Capturing travel memories with Flytographer

Now that Chris and I have a place to call our own, I want nothing more than to decorate it with cute personal touches. And while we take thousands of pictures on our travels, we barely have any decent ones that include the both of us in the same shot. Sure, we take the occasional selfie, but it would be […]

Shots of coffee around the world

We like to joke about our caffeine dependency. Being from the Seattle area, it’s a pretty accurate stereotype that we are helplessly addicted to coffee. Of all our travels across the globe, our most difficult to date was our trip through the southern states of the US where there was no coffee to be found for hundreds of miles. It […]

Croatia, how we love thee.

It’s been three days since we left our beloved country of Croatia. It had been thirteen months since our last visit but as soon as we landed we felt as if no time had passed at all. There’s something so special about the country and we still haven’t been able to put our hands on exactly what it is. Maybe […]