An epic year. 2014 in review

An epic year. 2014 in review

Well, Tawny, it is that time of year again. That tail end of our annual adventures in which I remind you of what happened, so that you don’t forget. Since for some reason, you often do. 2014, the year of the Horse, was all that we expected, and more. It should also be mentioned, since you forget this part too, that all of this was made possible by our choosing to make it a priority. So, Tawny, here is the state of our union for 2014.




We got our first apartment!


Ares the dollfaced persian

And we got to bring this little guy home.


Tawny Clark

You were shocked.


Captain Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark in Iceland

We traveled to Iceland.


Tawny Clark

Which was also shocking.

We went to Turkey.



And Hawaii.


First look at the Parthenon in Athens Greece

And Greece.


And Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and even Haiti.

(This isn’t a picture of you, but you were involved in taking it. That’s why I didn’t change it, even though you told me to.)



We went to Spain.


We delved into Slovenia. And owe so much of that to Flytographer.


IMG_4500We went to Sri Lanka.


IMG_2614And we returned to Croatia.


Captain Chris StaudingerAnd Thailand too.


We delivered a letter on the Maverick Expedition!

We went to all of our friend’s weddings, and officiated most of them.

Yes, I married all of your friends.



We went cruising with Ashley Day.


Tawny Clark

And perhaps you had a little too much fun.



Shocking, I know.



You got closer to your family.



And mine. (We even road tripped Oregon with them.)



We celebrated old family.


And we rejoiced at the chance to know our grandfathers.


And adopted family.



And new family.



We played with elephants.



We spoke at a lot of different conferences.

We toasted life.


We got tattoos.



We got REALLY into games.



Including the ultimate game, the Game of Thrones.

REALLY REALLY into Game of Thrones.

IMG_2008 - Version 2

Shockingly into Game of Thrones.


We fought the good fight.

We navigated the seas.

IMG_8139 IMG_5455 IMG_6990 DCIM100GOPRO10660336_929191825420_2843831336469006712_n1622067_923954321420_4551518633369763807_nIMG_708810384815_887448883610_1892206686219295189_nSave Elephant Foundation's Elepant Nature Park Chiang MaiIMG_2175

We tamed wild animals.


We got into cycling.


And the most shocking part was how unbelievably gorgeous you were.



We met our friends all around the world.


We got even MORE into archery.

10711024_10204778651409950_7177656470830965624_n 10387554_10204778651529953_2245208198148366968_n

People were (dare I say) shocked, at how good we became.



We hosted the 8th Annual Castle Staudinger Archery Tournament.


We laid siege to castles.


We swam in hot springs.


We were a part of the birth of Arrack Tonic.


We became better Vikings.


We got to know our home better.


We went to the Pro-Democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.


Picnicked in Spain.


Saved the world from destruction a few times.

10547702_906956799590_3857888982013502790_nWe even flew to Vegas more than usual.

We launched a series called, “Alco-HAUL.” Which is awesome.

We climbed mountains, swam in glacial lakes, and celebrated birthdays.



We hosted very adult dinner parties that may or may not have spiraled into wild nautical themed drinking parties in the blink of an eye.


10251882_887705928490_5920300155338680413_nWe went surfing.


10276985_916798656430_2238572343944654861_nAnd Stand-up Paddleboarding.


IMG_6532We rappelled down waterfalls.


IMG_3224Raced on Segways.


IMG_1174Drifted up and away in a hot air balloon across Costa Brava.


The little trooper that got us through numerous snow, rain, and sand storms.

Drove through Iceland.


All smiles before our helicopter ride over Maui and Moloka'i

Β Rode a helicopter through the skies.


IMG_3826Then to celebrate your birthday, we hunted truffles, in Croatia.



IMG_6739 10568808_10100123757311475_334252135628475853_nWe attended our high school reunions.


IMG_8007Now that really is shocking.


10644861_955242015630_550731565896540679_nYou bathed an elephant.


10628232_917947544050_8771330260380094429_nAnd hey, we celebrated one year of marriage!


10483627_904745346360_8746734686911627415_nWe got creative.


10258349_642707415816160_2296485767268712057_nWe tried Icelandic fermented shark.


64287_956910272430_6366448487242734835_nGot our first Christmas tree. Like real life adults.


Hot Oktoberfest girlsWe attended Oktoberfest, in Leavenworth.


IMG_1733IMG_7995We returned to the annual Cider Press, where you learned how to tear an apple in half with your bare hands… just like a true Winesap.

Prepping for surfing lessons with the Maui Surfer Girls

Β And you always managed to look so shockingly sexy.


IMG_5560We even managed to get home after a night of epic karaoke in NYC.


10271529_881796995040_3611562592884110719_nWe pushed our limits this year.


10373955_886665328860_4706489858704492944_nWe reached new heights.

IMG_8473We allowed ourselves the freedom to be animated. (Get it?)


101114_Tawny_18-3688350222-OWe celebrated one another.


10304641_918512297280_7987348362179053347_nAnd we celebrated your calves.


All of this, and so much more. This year was a long year of trials, successes, and triumphs. Dear Tawny, remember how much we accomplished this year, and celebrate how far we’ve come.

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