Enamored with Estonia

We’re going to be honest here. Estonia was just a country that we decided to tack on at the end of our trip to Finland. Only a two-hour ferry ride from Helsinki, we thought it would be a great place to spend a couple of days. It would also be the 50th country that Chris has visited. I’d be lying if […]

Helsinki, you were a blur

I have no hesitation in saying that leaving Helsinki is heart crushing- a figurative meat grinder for my heart. In case you’re just now joining us, Tawny and I have spent the last three days in Helsinki, Finland for the Nordic Blogger Experience (NBE), a collection of Europe’s (and some of us from the Americas) finest travel writers and videographers. […]

Truffle hunting in Istria, Croatia

There’s gold in the woods of Croatia’s Istria province. Hidden below the earth and clinging to the roots of oak trees lie the tasty riches that the region is known for: truffles. Now, truth be told, truffles are essentially just a strong fungus that kind of resembles the clumps I scoop out of my cat’s litter box. Oh, but they […]