Dear C&C: Most romantic destinations

Dear C&C: Most romantic destinations

We often get messages on our Facebook or e-mail from readers and friends asking us advice for their future travels. We’ve decided that instead of simply replying to the e-mail, it might be beneficial to post a few of our responses to help others that might find themselves in the same predicament. Recently, we received the following message:

Hey guys!!
So my boyfriend and I were musing about honeymoon destinations the other day …and we were talking about DC since there are some things there that we both would like to see. His response was that DC doesn’t sound very romantic!
So… My question to you is what are the most romantic places you’ve been to?
(I know that time spent with the love of your life is the best time ever. But if there are places that are just inherently romantic I’d appreciate suggestions!)
Thanks a ton!




We hear you. We’re at that season in our lives where it seems like all of our friends are getting married. We’ve even helped a few of them plan their future honeymoons. Looking back at our travels, there are some places that just scream romance. Romance is a tricky subject. After all, what makes a destination “romantic?” Is it the wine-and-dine opportunities, brilliant skylines, or tropical beaches? For us, romantic destinations are any place that is effortless to stay.

A typical Croatian port town
Rastoke, Croatia. One of the country's many hidden gemsJust your run of the mill Croatian town, perched on a series of waterfalls.

For example, we love Croatia. Croatia is quite possibly the most romantic place we’ve ever stayed. It’s inexpensive, stupid gorgeous, full of Italian food, and easy to navigate. A typical day in Croatia usually consisted of waking up in some seaside castle and wandering around a town. Local artists would host us in their open studios, not to hassle us to buy anything but just to discuss our opinions on passion and shadows. A meal in Croatia is often made with more ardor than a typical Kardashian marriage. Up to four hours of hand made pasta and drinks to guide you through each course. Croatia is our benchmark of romance because the simple act of being leaves you feeling giddy and flooded with oxytocin. The same love chemical you get from an hour of yoga, but with out any of the muscle cramps.

It’s ironic really because a lot of our stereotypes of romance are about 20 years out of date. Most of the Balkans are our favorite places. Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, even Albania has gorgeous beaches. Most people, when they think of Albania think of Taken. Truth is, the Balkans have changed so drastically in the last two decades that they are wholly different than what our parents think of them.

Also, it should be noted that all of the bad parts of Taken happen in Paris. Paris is a crazy dirty town. Don’t believe me? Ask any Parisian if they pick up dog poop. They don’t. The sidewalks of the “city of love” are pockmarked with doggy doo doo.

Funny signs in CroatiaNo poo in Croatia, my friends.

So, dear friends, if you want our down and dirty list of places that leave you with a stupid grin on your face and ask almost nothing in return, here you go.

Hands down, Hawaii (the Big Island) is some magical dimension of love and ease. We stayed at Puakea Ranch, a converted cattle ranch that now hosts a few rustic luxury (yes, rustic luxury) ranch houses. If starlight, cricket serenades, and deluxe japanese bath houses are your thing, then this is a great spot to shack up and fall in love. It doesn’t hurt that Hawaii is the only place that you can buy the Wailua Wheat beer. Kona Brewing is a big favorite of ours and their lilikoi (passion fruit) flavored beer is as close to tasting the dreams of a unicorn as you can get.

Honeymooning on the Big Island with wife

One of the best honeymoon locations on the big island, Hawaii

The Pac Northwest is pretty sexy too. If you’re looking into glamping opportunities like at Pampered Wilderness or something more like an exclusive beach house on Hood Canal you don’t really need to look far. Not to mention, the San Juan islands are our own personal garden of Eden. Even Winthrop, WA has some gorgeous accommodation and is a little more out of the way.

Santa Fe, New Mexico is also sort of dream for the eyes. Sweeping vistas and endless colors in the sky are kind of “in” lately. The hot air balloon festival in October has been hosted down there for a long time for a reason. Of course, Walla Walla, WA has their own hot-air balloon extravaganza and their wine industry has given rise to a collection of top of the line bed and breakfasts that specialize in kindling romance.

If you’re thinking East Coast, we think Maine and Vermont have a whole ton of options as far as cute cabins and culture.

The truth is though, two the most romantic places we’ve ever stayed are Costa Brava, Spain and Ljubljana, Slovenia. With the most recent addition of Tallinn, Estonia.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite locations below. Have a gander, and let us know what you think.

 Romantic Opatija, CroatiaCafe outside of Opatjia, Croatia
The Rolling Huts in Washington state Rolling Huts in Winthrop, WA
Why is Venice so romantic?Venice has its charm
Beautiful winery and bed and breakfast outside of Rovinj, CroatiaBed and Breakfast outside of Rovijn, Croatia
Discovering Motovun, CroatiaMotovun, Croatia
Things to see in on the island of Rhodes GreeceRhodes, Greece is a perfect romance roost
The best picnic spot in Costa Brava SpainPicnics in Costa Brava are about as romantic as they get
Fun things to do in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia = perfection
Things to do in Ljubljana Slovenia Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia fort FlytographerLjubljana, Slovenia is about as romantic as it gets.

Well, India, I hope that helps. As for the rest of you,


Where is the most romantic place in the world for you?

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