Returning to Costa Brava

Returning to Costa Brava

We knew that our return to Costa Brava wasn’t going to be the same as our previous trip. Although it was exactly a year to the day that we first landed in the beautiful Spanish region, there were two key figures missing from our adventure.

Last year we spent ten incredible days exploring Costa Brava with our dear friends Kent and Caanan from No Vacation Required. We stormed castles, soared in a hot air balloon, pumped Iggy Azalea as we rolled through medieval towns, overdosed on bubbly cava and crema Catalana, and bonded over our shared love of adventure. By the end of our trip, the four of us were closer than ever before.

Chris and Tawny Captain and Clark in Spain
Enjoying daiquiris in Lloret de Mar

This time was different. For starters, it was just Chris and me. We had no one to finished our “Fancy” solos or ask us deep questions over six bottles of cava. And aside from our lacking our beloved companions, we only had 42 hours in the country. Since we knew there wasn’t a ton of time to explore one of our favorite places, we made a list of three “must dos.” Did we accomplish any of them? We’ll let you decide.

1. Surprise our friends

Reunited with fellow Travel Videographers Mike (Kick the Grind) & Steve (Backpacker).
Reunited with fellow Travel Videographers Mike (Kick the Grind) & Steve (Back-packer).

Nailed it. So many of our travel friends were attending the Travel Blogging Exchange (TBEX) conference in Lloret de Mar. A few pals that knew of our pit stop in Spain convinced us to drive the hour from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar in order to surprise our buddies at the conference. While we didn’t get in until midnight, we still managed to sneak into the after party and shock many of our pals.

2. Spend time in Girona

My Girona, Spain in Costa Brava

I mean, come on. Girona is just plain magical. We knew we wanted to frequent the city for at least a few hours before jumping on our plane out of the country. Luck was on our side when our friends from Hecktic Travels offered us one of their spare Airbnb bedrooms that just so happened to be along the water, right in the heart of our favorite part of town.

The four of us managed to spend an entire day wandering the city and eating all the delicious things. There are very few cities in the world that appeal to us as places to settle down and Girona is definitely one of them.

3. Go back to Rocambolesc for a delicious gelato

The best gelato in Costa Brava, Rocambolesc
My creative confection on Rocambolesc

That, my friends, is a coconut violet gelato that has been topped with rainbow star sprinkles, fresh strawberries, butter cookie crumbs, and a giant violet marshmallow. Rocambolesc Gelateria in Girona trumps any old ice cream shop back home. It tasted so good that I’m not even mad a friend on facebook referred to my concoction as unicorn poop.

In conclusion?

All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful trip. If I could change one thing it would be to extend our stay in Costa Brava by about ten extra days. Luckily, we have a project that is taking us to Barcelona in the fall and we’ve already decided to tag on a few extra days at the end.


Have you been to Spain? What were your favorite cities? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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