Go Pro HERO4 Session: Review

Go Pro HERO4 Session: Review

Go Pro sent us a HERO4 to review. Our opinions are 100% our own.

The results are in, we love the new Go Pro HERO4 Session. Check out the video above to see what we thought initially. We have more videos to come as we put this camera through its paces and see all the greatness we can squeeze out of the 1″ camera.

Highlights include:

– 1 square inch design

– Fully waterproof

– Compatible with Go Pro HERO3 mounts


– Wide variety of options in the App


7 thoughts on “Go Pro HERO4 Session: Review

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      auwwww what a luxurious, my bucket list to buy this brilliant stuff, no doubt with its quality…

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      Looks awesome – I haven’t bought one yet, but was thinking it might be fun for SCUBA diving and snowboarding trips. Visit50 is about to get some up close video!


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      WE NEED THIS! Especially for our upcoming trip to the Philippines!

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      Oh man, thanks for keeping us in the loop, didn’t even know there was a new GoPro out, not heavily advertised in Nepal… Love the WiFi mobile control and waterproofness as you clearly reiterated. We’re totally up for getting one. Do you get to keep yours?! That would make your cat oh-so-happy.

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      I also got this camera in the mail and while it’s definitely fun, I mainly use my GoPros for diving and it shuts down at about 20 feet (it says 30 but it literally stopped at 20 on my recent dive with Alex). Also, I took a series of timelapse shots when we did a bounchy couch ride in the sea in Aruba and they were all super grainy (and it was Aruba! so brilliant sunlight and awesome colors). Have you found this at all with yours?

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        It’s interesting because we never go that far down with the GoPro so we can’t talk to that point, but our time lapse stuff has been really solid. We usually set it to take a full res picture every 1 min or so. We use it for biking, road-trips, or sunrises. We haven’t had any issues with graininess, but it will sometimes stop responding to the power button. With the Hero 4 and 3 you could pull the battery out manually to reset the GoPro but you can’t do that with the Hero 4 Session when it freezes up. That’s our biggest complaint.

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      I also need it for our wedding anniversary. really very interesting and amazing.thanks for nice sharing.

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