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Pretty Gritty Tours

We love Tacoma. True, we are full-time professional travel videographers and writers who spend a large majority of our time on the road, but we absolutely adore our town of Tacoma too. That’s why, when I came to Tawny with a long-held dream of mine that would let invest in this city, she was happy to manifest it.

Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to give tours. That’s such a huge portion of why I began this career as a travel videographer and journalist, to share the world with people. Growing up in the tourist town of Leavenworth, WA I used to guide tourists around the hidden alleys and secret shops of my Bavarian home town. I’ve often wanted to share the stories of unique locations with people to inspire them in life. Now we have that chance. This August, Tawny and myself, along with our dear friends Jackie and Paul, began a tour company in Tacoma.

Pretty Gritty Tours is our labor of love. From ghost tours to beer tours to kayaking tours, we help people from around the world find all the incredible things to do in Tacoma. With a powerful beer and coffee culture, a wide array of markets, miles of shore line, and hidden pockets of pure Pacific Northwest Culture, Tacoma is an incredible city.

If you’re looking for something to do on your way to Mt. Rainer we’re your people. If you want to skip the traffic in Seattle and still stay on the Puget Sound, we can arrange that. If you want to experience the Grit City Ghost tour (complete with beer from two of Tacoma’s top local breweries) then you are in luck! Shark diving, zip lining, things to do with your kids, the list goes on and on of what Tacoma has to offer.

Tacoma Ghost Tour

One of our most popular tours is the Booze and Boos Tour of Tacoma. A guided ghost tour that explores the haunted locations of old Tacoma, the dark history of the city streets, and also the warm (yet historic) breweries along the way. A pitcher of beer and a small flight of beer are included with your ticket price. Come hear our spine tingling tale of an 1800’s romance gone awry and the body that has haunted our streets ever since.


Tours of Tacoma

Our Downtown Tacoma tour, or Boomtown Tour is a walking tour of Tacoma that explores the city’s roots as a railroad boomtown. This walking tour is a food tour and coffee tour as well as a historical story of the city. Let us envelope you in the rich world of timber, intrigue, and Western expansion that made this glorious city the largest sea port in WA. We’ll discuss the world of glass art that Tacoma native Dale Chihuly brought to our shores and let you taste this town like none other.

Tacoma Tours

If you like craft liquor, local beer, historical trivia, good stories, artisan food, or life, then consider a Pretty Gritty Tour. We’ve been traveling the world for a decade now, learning what makes a good tour and what makes for a great destination. Let us share the remarkable city of Tacoma with you.

We look forward to seeing you out there!

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      Booze and Boos Tour would most likely be our favorite! Love your article and Tacoma. I have not been to the area in many years But I do remember what a splendid time I had tooling around Tacoma and Seattle, The Boeing tours, hitting the bars, native history and so many more beautiful sites! And who can resist the backdrop scenery of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier! I think what you are doing is wonderful. Who better to design unique tours than someone who knows the area very well and also has insight on travelling and interest!

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      Didn’t know there was so much to do in Tacoma … looks like I’ll have to pay a visit soon!

    • Author gravatar

      Love your article here very much! Your two tours are very awesome. I’ve never been to Tacoma yet. I’ll make sure to book into one of your tours when I’m there. And good luck in your business!

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