As a Traveler and a Healthcare Pro

As a Traveler and a Healthcare Pro


When it comes to being a full-time travel writer and new father, there are a lot of things I worry about. I worry about whether our son’s ears will equalize as we ascend and descend on a plane, or if we packed enough diapers for the six-hour road trip we have planned. Juggling all these new concerns and anxieties is always tricky, especially on top of the original concerns of where to find the best food in Prague and cheap airfare to Iceland. This is why I’ve started to develop what I now call “the adult mentality.” Whereas my previous concerns in life really focused more on where we were going to stay and what kind of sweet beach/mountain would be in the area, I now find myself more concerned with how will I keep my new kiddo safe and do I need insurance. My father warned me that this day would come, and somewhere I’m sure he’s giddy that it finally has.

Travel insurance was a new experience for me. Something that I neglected as a young man but now use more often. Health Insurance is an even newer concern these days. I can’t imagine having had a child recently without it. Unfortunately the topic of health insurance isn’t one that many people my age are really interested in considering. We should be however. Companies like United Healthcare actually offer some pretty sweet tools to help you broaden your knowledge or identify any gaps you might have. It seems like more and more the topic of health care and insurance are increasingly difficult to understand. That’s what I enjoyed about United Healthcare’s site initially is that it allows you to play some straightforward games to test your knowledge and see what kind of healthcare plan is right for you.

1. “If terminology has you stuck, take the UnitedHealthcare quiz to learn more about terms and generic health care information.”

2. “Do you get regular check ups or find yourself having to go to the doctor often? Play the match game that teaches you all about health plan accounts like the HSA. FSA, and HRA that can help you afford those visits.”

3. Everyone’s health care situation is different, and it’s important to know the ratio between out-of-pocket costs and premiums. Use UHC’s slider tool to decipher the difference.”

4. Lastly, You may be wasting money by going to the ER when you could just be going to Urgent Care or using Virtual Visits through your health plan. Figure out which services are most or least expensive by ranking them yourself!”

Try it out and see if you know as much as you think you do. Find out if you are a health plan pro.

Excitingly enough, there’s even the chance that you could win some money just by testing your knowledge of healthcare and adding your email.

This new stage in life wasn’t something that I saw coming but I’m not sad that we’ve arrived here. With our new little baby we are experiencing a new and exciting way of traveling that makes the world seem richer and more alive. It’s also the kind of experience that really reminds me what is most important to me and that it’s time to ensure the safety and longevity of those closest to me.

If you’re on the fence about insurance I’d urge you to reconsider your stance. See if you know as much as you think you do and think about it a little more. Life moves faster and faster it seems with each new day. With so many new developments in life it is nice to be able to put at least one concern that tumbles around in your mind to rest.


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