Traveling to Hawaii with a baby

Hawaii. Our happy place. Holden is only nineteen months old and he’s been to Hawaii four times. That’s more than most people visit the islands in a lifetime. And the crazy part is that he has no idea just how lucky he is. The first time we took Holden to Hawaii he was only six months old. It was our […]

Dreaming of Costa Rica

Every winter the debate starts anew. Tawny is a true islander, born and raised for tropical climates. I, as a passionate northerner wait for snow. While we love to make the most of our time in the snow-capped peaks of Washington we almost always end up booking our escape to somewhere tropical. Lately we’ve being weighing the pros and cons […]

It’s 2018 and we’re back in action!

It’s no secret that things have been eerily quiet around here. It’s not for lack of travel, advice or content to share. We’ve probably been the busiest that we’ve ever been but both Chris and I have had a hard time prioritizing and managing life with a toddler. Our little explorer is 19-months old and I’m only now just feeling […]