Sailing Croatia

I don’t think that it is a secret at this point that Croatia is one of our favorite places in the world. Tawny and I found ourselves in Croatia back in 2013 for the first time and we instantly fell in love with it. So much so that often when we have the opportunity to go to Europe we always […]

Dear C&C: Italy, Croatia, or Greece?

We’re back for round 2 of our “Ask Captain and Clark” series. Every week, we receive e-mails and messages from our friends and readers asking for travel advice. We’ve decided that we might as well share a few in case you might have similar questions. As always, our opinions remain our own. As they should.  Hi Tawny! I hope you […]

Getting sexy in Croatia

It’s that time again. Valentine’s day is right around the corner (ahem two days away) and as part of the Expedia Viewfinder team, we’ve been tasked with sharing one of the sexiest destinations we’ve discovered. Grab a fan because it’s about to get hot in here. According to the 2015 Expedia Heat Index, travel has quite the impact on a […]

Truffle hunting in Istria, Croatia

There’s gold in the woods of Croatia’s Istria province. Hidden below the earth and clinging to the roots of oak trees lie the tasty riches that the region is known for: truffles. Now, truth be told, truffles are essentially just a strong fungus that kind of resembles the clumps I scoop out of my cat’s litter box. Oh, but they […]

Where we slept. Croatia edition.

Our love affair with Croatia continues. This time we’re bringing you the amazing places we stayed at while touring the country. If you’re looking for great accommodation in Croatia, look no further. We really ran the gamut when it came to where we slept in the country. From hostels to five star hotels, I can honestly say that we enjoyed […]

Returning to Croatia, our happy place

We love Croatia. There, I said it. I love Croatia more than warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, more than my beloved Anderson Cooper, and dare I say even more than cheese. CHEESE. We have an unabashed obsession with this country. Maybe it’s the stylish people and their dry sense of humor (made even better by those sexy accent, […]

Croatia, how we love thee.

It’s been three days since we left our beloved country of Croatia. It had been thirteen months since our last visit but as soon as we landed we felt as if no time had passed at all. There’s something so special about the country and we still haven’t been able to put our hands on exactly what it is. Maybe […]

Croatia through food

I honestly believe that one of the best ways to experience the culture of a destination is through its food. This could not have held more true for the country of Croatia. I could literally taste the country’s tumultuous history through the meals that we enjoyed. We found traces of Austria and Hungary with the schnitzel and strudels in Zagreb, […]

The Doors of Croatia

  Tawny and I have only spent four days in Croatia but we are already deeply in love with this gorgeous country. We’ve been having too much fun to write much but we wanted to give you all a taste of what we’ve seen. As travel is a door to the world it seemed only fitting to focus a little […]

How to survive an international flight with a toddler

Let’s just jump right into it. Ever since we welcomed our first born into our lives, people have been asking us what is the best age to travel with a baby. And if we’re honest, most of the time those people (and their babies) have already passed the mark. We felt that the easiest time to travel with a baby […]