Dear C&C: Italy, Croatia, or Greece?

We’re back for round 2 of our “Ask Captain and Clark” series. Every week, we receive e-mails and messages from our friends and readers asking for travel advice. We’ve decided that we might as well share a few in case you might have similar questions. As always, our opinions remain our own. As they should.  Hi Tawny! I hope you […]

Greece according to our Instagram

We’re only now recovering from our whirlwind journey around the world. We can’t believe that it all started with TBEX in Athens. Greece seems like it was years ago. In order to jolt our memories and share a few of our adventures with you, we’ve opened up our Instagram vault. It was my very first time in the country (Chris […]

The furry felines of Greece

It should be no secret that Chris and I are extreme animal lovers. We tend to befriend stray creatures almost everywhere we go and Greece was no exception. While we gather our thoughts on a more thorough round up of our time in the country, we would like to showcase a few of our new buddies. Thank God our suitcases […]

Dear C&C: Most romantic destinations

We often get messages on our Facebook or e-mail from readers and friends asking us advice for their future travels. We’ve decided that instead of simply replying to the e-mail, it might be beneficial to post a few of our responses to help others that might find themselves in the same predicament. Recently, we received the following message: Hey guys!! […]

An epic year. 2014 in review

Well, Tawny, it is that time of year again. That tail end of our annual adventures in which I remind you of what happened, so that you don’t forget. Since for some reason, you often do. 2014, the year of the Horse, was all that we expected, and more. It should also be mentioned, since you forget this part too, […]

Returning to Croatia, our happy place

We love Croatia. There, I said it. I love Croatia more than warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, more than my beloved Anderson Cooper, and dare I say even more than cheese. CHEESE. We have an unabashed obsession with this country. Maybe it’s the stylish people and their dry sense of humor (made even better by those sexy accent, […]

Shots of coffee around the world

We like to joke about our caffeine dependency. Being from the Seattle area, it’s a pretty accurate stereotype that we are helplessly addicted to coffee. Of all our travels across the globe, our most difficult to date was our trip through the southern states of the US where there was no coffee to be found for hundreds of miles. It […]

Preparing for our mini RTW adventure

Chris and I have been traveling together for more than 6 years and have seen five different continents and countless countries. One might think that the fun and glamor of travel would have worn off by now. Not the case. I literally found myself in spontaneous tears at the thought that we’ll be boarding a plane bound for some of […]

The WABAC or “If we had a time machine”

    Currently, the only thing lacking in travel for Tawny and me is a time machine. I cannot tell you just how many times we find ourselves in places around the world saying, “This would have been awesome to see in the past.” While I don’t begrudge our travels in any way, I would have liked to see so […]

Captain and Clark’s Travel A-Z

Hooray!  Our friend Cailin from and Cailin Travels has nominated us to complete the A-Z travel questionnaire.  We’ve been enjoying ourselves while reading these all over the web and are so thrilled that we get the chance to complete our own. A: Age in which you first internationally traveled. For Tawny, it was 16.  She played for a select soccer league […]