Eating our way through Rome with Walks of Italy

It’s been a little over two months and we’re still dreaming about our delicious time in Italy. Like the Taj Mahal in India, the food in Italy is one aspect of the country that is not overrated. It’s one of those things that you always hear about, “Oh, the pizza in Italy is the best” and “The pasta in Italy […]

Italy’s best foodie experiences

Pizza, pasta, prosciutto, risotto, and gelato- oh my! Excuse me while I drool. Those are just a few of my favorite dishes from our numerous trips to Italy. It’s hard to believe that I was 27 years old the first time I stepped foot in Italy. I’ve made up for lost time and have been back at least four times. […]

Looking forward to Frankfurt

After a brief stint at home to grow and give birth to a baby, we’re back in action! Once Holden hit four months old, we hopped on our first plane and haven’t looked back. This summer we’re taking a pretty epic trip to Europe. We’re still working out our final schedule, but for now it looks a little something like […]

What is K-Pop? (Our Current Top 10)

K-pop, or “Korean Pop” is a huge movement of popular music originating in the Republic of South Korea.   The world of K-Pop is an ever-expanding universe of pastels that is rapidly flying across the Pacific like a tsunami of culture and miniskirts. In case you have no idea what K-Pop is and you’re looking for a taste then you’ve […]

Exploring Italy with Eurail

Chris and I are pretty enamored with Italy. Any country that shares a deep appreciation for coffee and carbohydrates is a friend of mine. While we might classify ourselves of Italiaphiles (did I just make that up?) we had really only explored the cities of Rome and Venice. Thankfully, our pals at Eurail decided to change that and provided us […]

Dear C&C: Italy, Croatia, or Greece?

We’re back for round 2 of our “Ask Captain and Clark” series. Every week, we receive e-mails and messages from our friends and readers asking for travel advice. We’ve decided that we might as well share a few in case you might have similar questions. As always, our opinions remain our own. As they should.  Hi Tawny! I hope you […]

Galapagos Videos

The Maverick Expedition The Prolific Marine Iguana in the Galapagos Relationship Advice from the Great Albatross Jersey Shore or Galapagos? Puerto Chino Beach – San Cristobal, Galapagos Drinking Coco Tea – Ecuador Volunteering in the Galapagos Setting Sail in the Galapagos

Shots of coffee around the world

We like to joke about our caffeine dependency. Being from the Seattle area, it’s a pretty accurate stereotype that we are helplessly addicted to coffee. Of all our travels across the globe, our most difficult to date was our trip through the southern states of the US where there was no coffee to be found for hundreds of miles. It […]

Preparing for our mini RTW adventure

Chris and I have been traveling together for more than 6 years and have seen five different continents and countless countries. One might think that the fun and glamor of travel would have worn off by now. Not the case. I literally found myself in spontaneous tears at the thought that we’ll be boarding a plane bound for some of […]