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Thanks to social media (looking at you, Instagram!), the bar for taking photos has been set ridiculously high. What would once be a normal meal at a low key dinner can quickly turn into balancing on chairs, your phone hovering precariously over your banana pancakes as your friends scramble to arrange coffees and napkins for the perfect shot. We’ve all […]

Honey Harvest at Castle Staudinger [VIDEO]

This past April my mother made the decision to get bees. As some of you may know there is a serious problem in the world of bees rapidly disappearing. This is a huge problem because bees are the engine that drive the planet. They are the tiny machines that pollinate major crops and the world’s plants. Without them we couldn’t […]

Our Experience with the Sensory Deprivation Tank

I was naked. My ears were stuffed with a high-tech wax. In front of me there was a long coffin-shaped box with a space shuttle hatch on the front. Inside it looked like one of the tubes that they put people in cyrostasis for space travel. I took a deep breath, climbed into the hatch, and sealed it behind me. […]

The WABAC or “If we had a time machine”

    Currently, the only thing lacking in travel for Tawny and me is a time machine. I cannot tell you just how many times we find ourselves in places around the world saying, “This would have been awesome to see in the past.” While I don’t begrudge our travels in any way, I would have liked to see so […]

Captain and Clark get Married!

On September 14th, 2013 Captain and Clark were wed. Today, we thank the brilliant craft of Kristal Joy Photography for all their hard work in capturing the glory that was our wedding.                                                         […]

Global Festivals

While in South Korea we’ve been reminded of one of the best parts of traveling… festivals. One of the best parts of Korea is the ubiquitous nature of festivals. We used to ride out every weekend on our motorcycle, when we lived here, and we would always find some festival going on. Whether is was the Andong Mask Festival or […]

10 Large Erections Around the World

Does size matter? We’ve put this age-old question to the test lately. Tawny and I have spent our lives watching notable world landmarks on the big screen and wanting to go there. When we arrive however, it’s not always what we expected. Not unlike online dating, we’ve found that what we see on the screen isn’t always what we meet […]

Coffee Around the World

It’s no secret that the single most important thing in Tawny and my life is coffee. That might be an exaggeration, but I’m unwilling to discuss it until after my Starbucks run. A lot of people ask us if we’ve ever encountered hardships while traveling. They ask us if being in Thailand during the Red Shirt protests was difficult, or […]

Life lessons from rock climbing

My arms were quivering, my legs fatigued, and my fingers were killing me as they dug into the jagged limestone. I cautiously peered below me at the ground that seemed miles away. I was about to lose my grip and I couldn’t see any good hand holds above me. I took a deep breath, swallowed my pride, and yelled below […]

Find Your Cojones with Expedia. #ExpediaFindYours

It is no secret that we live for adventure, passion, and true discovery.  We like to push ourselves to the limits and often past our comfort zones.  While we are adventurers at our core, some of our stunts have called for a certain pair of… cojones. Skydiving, mountain climbing, and swimming with sharks may take a fair amount of cojones, […]