Getting the most out of our Iceland road trip

Iceland is a land of magic and lore. It’s a country where elves are consulted before breaking new ground and trolls are frozen in time. When describing it, Iceland sounds like a fictional land from a Tolkien novel. It’s an island of black sand, blue lagoons, and endemic bite-sized horses with flowing manes and five gaits. And for those lucky […]

AlcoHAUL. Episode 3 [feat. Icelandic Brennivin]

It’s that time again. We have rolled out another one of our intoxicating AlcoHAUL videos where we choose a liquor that we’ve picked up from our travels around the world and show you how to make something delicious out of it. Today’s episode is brought to you by Brennivin. This clear and aromatic schnapps is said to be Iceland’s signature […]

Embracing Iceland

“This wouldn’t be a terrible way to die.” At least that’s what I told myself as I double checked the resistance of my seat belt. I only just realized my blanched knuckles from the death grip I had on my camera. If this was how I was going to die, it would at least be properly documented. My loved ones […]

Where we slept. Iceland edition.

Our epic trip to Iceland ended a few weeks ago and we are already planning a trip back. While we were able to explore so much of the island, there’s still more to be discovered. Plus, we missed the puffins (they are just arriving now) and barely got to see the Northern Lights. Looks like we’ll have to make a […]

Things to know before traveling to Iceland

Iceland is one of those countries that leaves a lasting impression. Its landscape is as magical as the myths and sagas of the Vikings. We thought we were prepared for Iceland but there are some things you just don’t really learn until you’re there. To help you prepare for any future trips to the stunning country, we’ve made a list […]