Road tripping to VEGAS, baby.

We are so excited to announce that we are embarking on what’s going to be quite an incredible road trip!  This adventure kind of evolved over the past couple of days as we played with various modes of transportation to get us to Las Vegas for the big (and tasty) Uncork’d event happening this weekend.  Thanks to the #TNI weekly […]

Inn at the Market.

A few weeks ago Chris and I were invited to enjoy a little staycation at Inn at the Market, a lovely hotel located right above the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle.  We really didn’t know what to expect, but after posting our stay on twitter and facebook, the feedback we received was unanimous.  Everyone responded with amazing tales of […]

A cross-state road trip with Pause the Moment.

Yesterday we embarked on a quest that took us on a 6 hour journey across the state of Washington.  With our new friends Will and Ryan from Pause the Moment, we set out on a search for Castle Staudinger. Some of you may already that know that Chris owns a castle.  Yes, a castle.  We wanted to show Will and […]

Our travel through time. Back to the nifty fifties. [video]

We recently found ourselves in the charming (and aptly named) port town of… Port Townsend.  The naming folks got clever with that one, huh?  The town is overflowing with local boutiques that feature everything from cupcakes to ukeleles.  While we were only to spend a few hours wandering through town, we came across one particular shop that took us back […]

Yotel. A hotel staffed by ROBOTS.

That’s right, my friends.  In the heart of New York City there is a hotel that is staffed by robots.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the video below. Not only is Yotel the hotel of the future, but it also boasts one of the most progressive brunches that I’ve ever seen.  A mere thirty-five dollars (chump change in […]

How to Enjoy a Staycation [Video]

,  As avid travelers and adventures, the thought of staying around town usually doesn’t appeal to us. Since we returned from South Korea we’ve been nomads in every sense of the word. We tell everyone that we’re “living” in Seattle, but the truth is that we’ve been keeping our belongings (and sometimes ourselves) in the naval town of Bremerton, a […]

Keep Portland Weird. [awesome video included]

Big fans of the show Portlandia will tell you that Portland is indeed, weird.  We’ve heard this for years, but this weekend we were on the mission to find out why.  Thankfully, the Nomading Film Festival held it’s Winter Recess in the city of eirdness-way and gave us the perfect opportunity to do some investigating. With the help of our […]