Down Below: An Adventure Through the Caves of WA

My best friend, adventure photographer Ben Herndon, and I recently set out on an expedition to explore and document the caves of Washington state. What began as a simple enough journey soon turned into a quest for a hidden relic that would change they way we saw our home state forever. We set out to chart (with photo, video, and […]

30 Year Quest – Pt. 1

This marks our foray into podcasting. Join us as we embark on a quest to a haunted city as directed by a mysterious Latin speaking guide. We would love to hear from you all what you think. Please enjoy, and join us soon for pt.2. A mysterious Latin message arrives on a young man’s phone from an unknown number as […]

Shots of coffee around the world

We like to joke about our caffeine dependency. Being from the Seattle area, it’s a pretty accurate stereotype that we are helplessly addicted to coffee. Of all our travels across the globe, our most difficult to date was our trip through the southern states of the US where there was no coffee to be found for hundreds of miles. It […]

The furry felines of Greece

It should be no secret that Chris and I are extreme animal lovers. We tend to befriend stray creatures almost everywhere we go and Greece was no exception. While we gather our thoughts on a more thorough round up of our time in the country, we would like to showcase a few of our new buddies. Thank God our suitcases […]

Finding our Storybook in Costa Brava, Spain

It seems like just yesterday that we were in Spain. And it is only now, two months later, that we are able to fully digest and appreciate everything that we experienced. Exploration and discovery were the names of the game. We traversed Costa Brava by hiking foggy trails to majestic fortresses. We drove through medieval towns with the windows down, […]

Instagram stories: Costa Brava edition

We recently embarked on an epic storybook adventure with our two pals, Kent and Caanan from No Vacation Required. Our twelve days spent exploring the Costa Brava region of Spain was the stuff that dreams are made of. Our first post (with video) is live on the Expedia Viewfinder Blog. You can check it out here. To give you a […]

Post cards that will literally take us around the world. [video]

If you’ve been around Captain and Clark for a while, you know all about the Maverick Expedition.  It’s an adventure that we’ve spent years planning.  We thought it was time that we gave everyone a little update as to what’s happening and where we’re planning on going from here.  It was also time to make a new sizzle reel. Let’s […]

Help make our dreams come true…

As explorers, we come from a long and glorious tradition of discovery, trail blazing, and … asking for money.  Even Columbus needed some support from the royals! Well, our time has come.  As most of you know, we recently completed the first part of The Maverick Expedition- the epic journey that will soon take us around the world.  It was […]