Spirit of the Columbia, Part 1 of 6

After great anticipation and buckets of waiting, the video has arrived. Stay tuned as the whole journey will be released in a six part series. Enjoy the following and please comment and tell us what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts on the journey.

Spirit of the Columbia – Article

What follows, is the fabulous article that my father wrote about the “Spirit of the Columbia” expedition we embarked upon. Enjoy. What the River Gives     ©2011 by Michael C. Staudinger   What the River Gives   Day One      Three foot swells broke over the bow of my kayak and threatened to turn me broadside.  Twenty yards […]

Spirit of the Columbia Update

Great news, Spirit of the Columbia is finished! Over the next fews days as we make ready to depart for Ecuador we will be releasing the chapters of our documentary down the Columbia river. Ten days of sailing, exploring, and all too often peddling down the Columbia, from Canada to Oregon. Here’s the preview, tomorrow yields the first chapter. Get pumped.

Embarking Down the Columbia

As we make the final preparations it’s time to get in the zone. With massive amounts of debris in the river and record flooding the first leg of the journey will be the most dangerous. As we set off past Kettle Falls and down towards the mouth of the Spokane river we need to be wary of confluences and currents […]

Join us down the Columbia

“A Journey Down the Columbia by Sail Kayak” Father and Son prepare to travel by sail kayak down the Columbia river from the Canadian Border to the Pacific Ocean This June Captain Chris Staudinger, an adventure documentary film-maker, and his father Michael will embark on a journey that follows the length of the Columbia River. They will be spending ten […]