Our Flytographer Shoot on Maui

In my opinion, the single best travel souvenir you can get is a Flytographer photo shoot. Every time Tawny and I travel, the best thing we bring back is video and pictures. However, for us it is so difficult to get a picture of the both of us. There have been countless times that we have done the long-arm selfie or […]

A new adventure in Taiwan

Things have been so incredibly busy over here! We landed in Taiwan just a few days ago and have hit the ground running. We’re here to film a new TV series featuring all of the beautiful adventures that Taiwan has to offer. Together, with two other vloggers and our extremely talented host, Janet Hsieh, we’ll be uncovering the intricacies and hidden […]

The New Dell XPS-13 Travel Laptop Review

Recently we were approached by Dell to see if we would test drive their new Dell XPS-13. I was hesitant at first because I am a stanch Mac supporter, but I figured I’m also an avid explorer. In the name of exploration and scientific comparison, I said “let’s do it.” Over the next few weeks I’m going to be replacing […]

A special toast

One of the things that I love about my relationship with Chris is that we are constantly celebrating every milestone, no matter how small it is. Take tonight for example. Yes, that’s a five dollar bottle of champagne poured into plastic hotel cups with the tunes of an iPhone crooning us in the background. The funny thing is that this […]

10 Large Erections Around the World

Does size matter? We’ve put this age-old question to the test lately. Tawny and I have spent our lives watching notable world landmarks on the big screen and wanting to go there. When we arrive however, it’s not always what we expected. Not unlike online dating, we’ve found that what we see on the screen isn’t always what we meet […]

Travel Confession. The fear of being let down.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, becoming more jaded, or just experiencing a normal transition, but I’ve developed this growing fear of being let down.  There have been multiple occasions over the past couple of years where I’ll get so excited about the prospect of something, tell all of my friends and family, get everyone else stoked […]

We went to the Taj Mahal and all we got was… ENGAGED!

Ah yes, the rumors are true!  Yesterday we were able to fulfill two lifelong dreams.  First, we saw the majestic Taj Mahal in all of its glory.  It truly is a magnificent wonder.  We were awe struck and could have stared at it for hours.  The only reason we didn’t is because while there, Chris managed to get down on […]

How to stay safe (and sanitary) in India [VIDEO]

photo credit. The time for preparation is upon us!  In less than one week we’ll be on our way to India, the country of curry, silk, and the biggest erection made for a woman.  Well, the last one is disputable.  In the hopes of being prepared for almost any situation, we decided to make a list of the must-haves we […]

Why we said “no” to trying dog meat in South Korea.

It’s no secret that Chris and I are very intrepid souls. We like to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try things that we have never done before. We are big fans of trying everything at least once. We have bungee jumped, swam with sharks, received magical tattoos from a monk in Thailand, the list goes on. We […]

Travel Gear. Never drop your iphone again! [Video Review]

Ah yes, with new technology comes new problems.  In our case, it’s losing/dropping/annihilating our iPhones.  In fact, it was just last month that Tawny decided to leave her phone in Puerto Rico.  We eventually got it back but it would have saved us a lot of trouble if she had just remembered it in the first place. Insert the Kenu […]