Down Below: An Adventure Through the Caves of WA

My best friend, adventure photographer Ben Herndon, and I recently set out on an expedition to explore and document the caves of Washington state. What began as a simple enough journey soon turned into a quest for a hidden relic that would change they way we saw our home state forever. We set out to chart (with photo, video, and […]

The “30 Year Quest Finale”

This is the final episode of “30 Year Quest” the story of a mysterious Latin text message from an anonymous number and the journey to discover the identity of the caller.   Also, check it out! We’re on iTunes now!  

30 Year Quest – Pt. 2

As part two of the 30 Year Quest continues, I venture further into the mystery of Virgil and finally meet the person pulling my strings. Enjoy hidden messages, powerful coming of age monologues, and a return to a forgotten hollow.

30 Year Quest – Pt. 1

This marks our foray into podcasting. Join us as we embark on a quest to a haunted city as directed by a mysterious Latin speaking guide. We would love to hear from you all what you think. Please enjoy, and join us soon for pt.2. A mysterious Latin message arrives on a young man’s phone from an unknown number as […]