Book Review: The Nomad’s Nomad

To be perfectly honest, I tend to shy away from book reviews. However, when a travel amigo of ours mentioned that they had just dropped their latest literary gem on the travel community I jumped on the chance to get my hands on one. After all, when a nomadic man who has claim to a Guatemalan mountain writes about adventure, […]

The New Dell XPS-13 Travel Laptop Review

Recently we were approached by Dell to see if we would test drive their new Dell XPS-13. I was hesitant at first because I am a stanch Mac supporter, but I figured I’m also an avid explorer. In the name of exploration and scientific comparison, I said “let’s do it.” Over the next few weeks I’m going to be replacing […]

Dear C&C: Most romantic destinations

We often get messages on our Facebook or e-mail from readers and friends asking us advice for their future travels. We’ve decided that instead of simply replying to the e-mail, it might be beneficial to post a few of our responses to help others that might find themselves in the same predicament. Recently, we received the following message: Hey guys!! […]

An epic year. 2014 in review

Well, Tawny, it is that time of year again. That tail end of our annual adventures in which I remind you of what happened, so that you don’t forget. Since for some reason, you often do. 2014, the year of the Horse, was all that we expected, and more. It should also be mentioned, since you forget this part too, […]

Milestones for a dear friend

Today marks the 29th birthday for a friend that I’ve known for over 15 years. We met in 7th grade math class. She sported her red hair in a long braid down her back with baggy jeans and a boy’s button-up shirt. I wore these hideous red, white, and blue Sketchers platforms that were made popular by the Spice Girls, […]

That time I got mugged in New York [almost]

This is embarrassing. My first trip to Manhattan was in 2008, and I was an attendant of the Travel Channel Academy. That’s not the embarrassing part. What is embarrassing is just how oblivious I was to the situation I stumbled into. When I travel, I am on the eleventh hour, red alert, action stations, type level of alert. The jungles […]

The WABAC or “If we had a time machine”

    Currently, the only thing lacking in travel for Tawny and me is a time machine. I cannot tell you just how many times we find ourselves in places around the world saying, “This would have been awesome to see in the past.” While I don’t begrudge our travels in any way, I would have liked to see so […]

A Guy’s Guide to Vegas

Gentlemen, you might already be aware, but I want to let you all in on a secret: Las Vegas is a trap. Literally. It is designed by the same people who built the staircase in David Bowie’s “Labyrinth.” Photo Courtesy of PlanetPerplexIt’s a beautiful, wonderful, sticky trap designed to take all your money. Learn this well. No matter what you do, […]

The World’s Largest Step-Well

In the Rajasthan province of India there is an architectural wonder. Chand Baori is the world’s oldest and largest step-well. With over 3,500 steps, this 13 story well once was the hub of the area. Built by the priest class between 800 and 900 CE it was filled entirely by rain water and by hand. Yes, people would carry enormous […]

Adventures in Hawaii

  The archipelago of Hawaii commands the imaginations of adventurers across the globe. It is the ideal blend of tropical paradise and all the comforts of home. For the thrill seeker, it offers a whole spectrum of options for the weekend warrior to the long term adrenaline junky.  We recently took it upon ourselves to delve into the adventures in […]