Learning the art of falconry in Bahrain

While in Paris we had the chance to meet up with our good friend, May. We have a tradition of meeting her in a new country every time. The most memorable of which was in Bahrain. It didn’t take long for us to get to talking about the good old days and we started remembering fondly the time her father […]

The Passion of Ashura

“The Mourning Festival of Ashura”   Dec./2010 Captain and Clark find themselves on the front lines of an ancient festival in the Middle East. The mourning festival of Ashoura is a deeply sorrowful occasion to demonstrate grief for the martyrdom of Hussain. It is a visceral and not often seen occasion that shakes the Middle East to its core every […]

Hunting with Falcons

“Falconing on the Royal Game Reserve”     Dec. 26th/2010 We couldn’t belive that we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a falcon training demonstration with the veterinarian of the Royal Family in Bahrain.  

Christmas in Dubai

“Safari in Dubai”     Dec. 24th/2010 Yes, not Bahrain, we know. Still it is right in the neighborhood and the only time we camped in the middle of the desert with two greek dentists and three hookahs as our only company. Nothing like Christmas morning in Dubai.