Our first travel video. We’ve come a long way!

Chris and I were recently skimming through our YouTube channel and decided to watch a few of our older videos.  The whole reason we started filming travel videos was so that we could update our friends and family back home about all of our comings and goings in South Korea.  We’re just going to be honest and warn you that […]

Foreigners say the darnest things…

Here at Captain and Clark we often talk about the silly things the our Korean students used to say.  You can click here and here for a sample of those little gems.  Today’s post is going to be a little different.  Instead of focusing solely on what our student’s used to say, today we’re going to reveal some of our […]

Samgyupsal: A delicious Korean dish.

While living in Korea we found ourselves constantly trying new dishes that we had never heard of before.  Some were great (read: 호떡 (ho-dduk) and 붕어빵 (bungeobbang)) while others weren’t as pleasing (read: silkworm larvae).  If there’s one Korean dish that most foreigners find deliciously satisfying, it’s probably samgyupsal. So what exactly is samgyupsal?  The literal translation actually means “three layers […]

What 11/11/11 means in Korea

Ahhhhh November 11th is finally upon us! November 11th aka 11/11 is PEPERO DAY in Korea. What is Pepero you ask? Well, it’s a delicious stick-like cookie that is dipped in various flavors of scrumptious chocolate. See mouthwatering picture below: source Now those are special gourmet peperos featured above. Most of them are a tad bit more simple and they […]

Korean customs faux pas.

Last week’s #ttot (travel talk on twitter) revolved around different customs around the world.  I was amazed at some of the traditions and figures of speech that are so unique and different from our own.  My favorite figure of speech snafu was from Leah from Leah’s Travels… It’s an adjustment for everyone involved. [I] had an Indian kid tell me […]

The most haunted house in Korea

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to pay tribute to one of the most haunted locations in South Korea.  While many Korean academies can be some of the scariest places on earth, we decided to visit one of the only haunted houses that we heard of while in Korea.  When we told our Korean co-teachers that we planned on […]

A day in the life of an ESL teacher.

… A hagwon teacher, to be exact. There are really three types of English teachers in South Korea.  You have the public school teachers who get more job security and significantly more vacation days.  Then there’s the teachers who teach private lessons and make bank but risk getting deported back to their homeland because it’s illegal.  And then you have […]

Songnisan Temple

“Songnisan Temple“ May/9/2011 For Buddha’s birthday we went to see Korea’s largest golden Buddha. What we found was the most serene and beautiful temple and area we had yet to go to. It was the perfect way to close out our time in Korea.

Shabu Shabu

“Shabu Hyang” April./23/2011 Some of the most delicious food in Korea is really from Vietnam. Shabu is a three course meal that involves spring rolls, Pho soup, and a fried rice… all made from the same broth.