A Witch Hunt in the Philippines [Video]

“The Philippines!  The land of my people!” I sang as we headed to our terminal gate.  Chris looked down, smiled, and shook his head.  This had been my mantra for the past two months.  Ever since we had booked our tickets to the Philippines. It was Christmas of 2010.  We had decided to continue the tradition of experiencing Christmas in […]

The Witches of Siquijor

“The Healers of Siquijor” Dec./2010 Siquijor is most famous for its magical practitioners. Citizens of island that have been practicing magic for hundreds of years. They fall into two categories, black magic sorcerers and white magic healers. We went to the Philippines specifically to find one of these witches. We had the great privileged of meeting one of the most […]

Best Day Trips on the Island of Witches

“The Best Day Trips”   Dec./2010 The island of Siquijor is ripe with day trips. From cave exploration to butterfly gardens the island is a never ending labyrinth of things to do. Some of the highlights though involve water sports and magical encounters. Take a look at some of the best ways to spend a day on Siquijor.

Baby duck, anyone?

“Dumaguette Night Life/Balut”   Dec./2010 In the sleepy colonial town of Dumaguette it seems like all there is is bars. For a look at the local flavor check out our video and see the highlights of the main avenue. Take a left at the main ferry terminal and you’ll see the many bars and street vendors of Dumaguette. For the more […]

Ati Atihan the KFC of Siquijor

“Best Food on Siquijor”    Dec./2010 A list of the best spots the locals took us to while on Siquijor. Ati Atihan chicken stop is in central Larena, on the southern end of the main drag. Chan’s Chicken eatery is located right on the ferry dock and makes a great place to spend some time while you’re waiting for your boat. […]

La Casa de la Playa. Siquijor, Philippines

The single most beautiful and magical hotel in the Philippines. It transcends the boundaries of a normal guest house experience. While you are at La Casa de la Playa you are family. All of the staff know your name and everyday you are welcomed back to a place that feels more like home than the home you left. So much […]

La Residencia

“La Residencia”   Dec./2010 La Residencia Al Mar is the luxury hotel of Dumaguette. It is right in the center of the scenic main strip of downtown and is a five minute walk from the main ferry terminal. It is also a 50 Peso ride from the airport. The accommodations are stepped in Spanish colonialist flair with all the charm and […]

Isabelle Gardens = Cheap

“Isabelle Gardens”   Dec./2010 If your are looking for a great place to spend a couple nights in Manila and still be close to the airport then this is your place. It is extremely affordable and fairly comfortable. The rooms are clean and the neighborhood is safe. It is also a great chance to get to see a genuine Filipino neighborhood […]