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Captain Chris Staudinger






Born on a stormy night and destined to travel. Carried in his infant form from Washington state to the frozen reaches of Alaska. Then dipped, momentarily in the sophistication of the East Coast. Before the age of six I’d seen three of the extremes of the US.
From there my scope only grew.
After graduating from the Ocean Sailing Academy with my captain’s license I haven’t been able to stay in the country for more than 8 months at a time.
For me, travel is education. By that theory, at this point, I figure I’m working on my PhD.
My greatest passion though is story. Everybody has stories and those stories beg to be shared. Whether by text, or video, or spoken word, I hope to spread story across the world.

Finding Tawny at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro was one of the best stories I know. We’ve been traveling together ever since. Whether we’re working on staged solo-performance (got to put that BA in Acting/Directing to use somehow) or video or just in the seedy bars of Thailand we are always looking for the passion and the mystical in the people and the places of the world.

What’s next?

The global adventure is only one part of what we do. Tawny and I have a saying that we are, “enriching our lives, not our accounts.” As we travel around, or even just at home, we try to develop a rocking list of skills. I’m currently working on my archery so that when I get to Mongolia some day I’ll be ready for the Mongolian Archery Competition.  Tawny and I also spend a lot of time working on our extreme onscreen personalities, extreme hiking, extreme cooking, and adding the word extreme to our hobbies to make them sound more interesting.

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