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The Maverick Expedition is a journey around the world by sail, rail, bus, and anything else we can find

as we hand-deliver letters

from a Post Barrel in the Galapagos.

It is equal parts travel documentary and dynamic history.

The Story

For the last 300 years the small island of Floreana in the Galapagos has been an unofficial post office for the world’s sailors. Whaling ships and war galleons alike would drop off their mail on Post Office Bay. There, in a whiskey barrel, the letters would wait until picked up by a home-bound ship.

The tradition continues today. Now, in our modern world of e-mail and texts, Post Man Bay remains a beacon of a time gone by, but not forgotten. Today modern travelers to the Galapagos put their letters into the barrel and search for one addressed to where they are going home to. When they find one, they take it out and agree to deliver it- by hand.

Our journey will take us to the Galapagos to grab a satchel full of letters and then across the world as we delver them, and their stories, by hand.

We will be filming the journey along the way and sending word back to the world through video.


The Impact

As communication becomes easier everyday it’s important to consider the impact that it has on our world. We are going to open up the story of travel and communication from its core. This is a look at not only why people travel but why they write home; because as people we are as equally motivated by exploration as we are to share that experience.

This will be a foray into the discussion of why we talk, why we experience, and why we share. All of this set on the stage of modern international communication and set to the tune of a centuries old tradition steeped in sea faring lore.

It is a chance for everyone to see our world and to meet the people that travel it and hear what they say to each other.


What We Need

Up to this point our project has been self funded but there are some gaps to fill in. A level of travel expenses and post production resources need to be filled in. It is also time for us to upgrade our equipment for an expedition of this magnitude. By helping us reach our goal you will be helping us reach more destinations and deliver more letters.

What You Get

We have a wide variety of perks from custom postcards to signed DVDs with all the video shorts compiled into one collection. The most exciting of which however is a chance to receive a hand delivered letter from us along our world expedition, or to hand us one of your own and watch it’s journey across the globe. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the story.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us by posting this to your Facebook profile and LinkedIn accounts, and by emailing it to your contact list. You could even send a letter!  “Destination Delivery” is a story of travel and communication that is meant to start discussions across the world. So let’s get talking.


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