Captain and Clark The Modern Cartographers, Charting Your World. Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:35:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What is K-Pop? (Our Current Top 10) Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:32:35 +0000 K-pop, or “Korean Pop” is a huge movement of popular music originating in the Republic of South Korea.


The world of K-Pop is an ever-expanding universe of pastels that is rapidly flying across the Pacific like a tsunami of culture and miniskirts. In case you have no idea what K-Pop is and you’re looking for a taste then you’ve come to the right place. The following is an easy to digest summation of my favorite K-Pop videos that are floating across the YouTube’s these days. Brace yourself, and if you are an epileptic get your meds ready. If you’re a patron of Americana grassroots music scenes and think that the Eagles were the purest form of rock music then I’d urge you to keep and open mind or get super drunk on your locally distilled bourbon before watching.  The following is the most jaw-dropping culmination of hip thrusting and shimmering Asian culture to come out of the ROK. 시작!

#1  – EXID “Everynight”

EXID has burst onto my radar lately and really upped my expectations for K-Pop quality. Their diverse sound and fun attitude never leaves you wanting. While I’m personally a huge fan of “Up & Down” I suggest the casual viewer start here with “Everynight”


#2 – Lim Kim “Awoo”

The haunting vocals and simple themes of our new favorite, Lim Kim, (not unlike Lil Kim, but wholly different) are going to set you up for success. She not only plays off the tender heartstrings of love and the thrill of a new romance but she adds cats to her music video so it’s win win.


#3 – SNDS “Lionheart”

SNDS, or Girl’s Generation, takes everything I love about K-Pop and distills it down to a perfect music video. It has a catchy upbeat pop rhythm, astoundingly bright colors, romantic revenge, a syrupy feeling of nostalgia for a time and culture that never existed in Korea, and like, I dunno, a dozen members.


#4 – CL “Hello Bitches”

CL, the former front woman for 2NE1, has blazed new trails with her solo career. The multilingual song writer and rap super star has led the charge for women in the music industry. She has a sharp sound and an uber-aggressive attitude that is both edgy and topical. She manages to set the bar for other K-Pop artists again and again. Her new single, Hello Bitches, is an excellent example of her dedication to her craft and her unapologetic rap anthem to the world as she steals the genre back from a primarily male industry.


#5 – Sistar “Touch My Body”

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is Sistar. A four girl group that essentially specializes in catchy and fun summer anthems. Their latest, Shake It, is probably so of the most fun music Korea has ever produced. It’s hard for me to skip past Touch My Body though when it comes up on my super specialized playlist. It is the culmination of what so many people love about K-Pop, sex appeal, bright colors, and just enough Konglish to get stuck in your head for all of eternity. It truly bridges cultural gaps so flawlessly that it even made it into a recent episode of Family Guy. Which, let’s face it, is the cultural and social barometer of our time.


#6 – IU “Twenty Three”

IU gives us a refreshingly candid and lucid song about being 23 and trying to discover yourself as an individual. It’s essentially the equivalent of Taylor Swift’s “22” but with even more depth and a drug induced Alice in Wonderland motif. My favorite line is “Pretend to be a fox that pretends to be a bear that pretends to be a fox.” I know, it strays from my usual selection of mild violence and dangerously short skirts but it is an unexpected sink hole of depth. Try it. You might like it. Also, be sure to click the CC to “subtitle” unless you find your Korean skills are up to snuff. It’s worth it.


#7 – MissA “Only You”

MissA has probably the most lovable collection of artists the K-Pop world has ever seen. With each new uber-catchy anthem of women’s empowerment that single-handedly defend the reputation of the ROK and win the battle for our hearts. Their latest track drop, “Only You” is essentially the journey of four women trying to catch the eye of their love, despite their city being full of pig-headed little boys and peeping toms. I honestly don’t know. However I guarantee that they’ve tapped into an acid induced level of Jungian truth and symbolism.


#8 – Ailee “Mind Your Own Business”

Ailee, as I’m sure you know, has a permanent spot on the shelf of my heart. This American girl found her way to stardom when Korea scooped her up and turned her modest dreams of YouTube fame into a K-Pop fantasy. Not only does she hold the magical powers of psychedelic colors and sick beats but she (unlike her other K-Pop contemporaries) has a strong and pure voice that could launch a thousand ships and burn the topless towers of Illium. Indulge your senses.


#9 – AOA “Miniskirt”

I really have no articulate justification for this one. It’s all in the name.


#10 – Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb”

Red Velvet is my wild card for today. If you’re looking to get a fix on the K-Pop craze, this retro feeling video will give you a pure dose of k-Pop straight to the dome. If you’re not hip to the trend of only wearing one stocking color coding your group, then this is all you need to know.

Are you a K-Pop aficionado? Let us know if you think we made the mortal sin of not mentioning a K-Pop band you love.

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Our 2016 New Year’s Resolutions Sun, 10 Jan 2016 19:29:36 +0000 With the new year upon us, Chris and I decided it was time to sit down and figure out our resolutions for 2016. Typically, our resolutions revolve around travel and the places that we want to visit. This year, we decided to dig a little deeper and focus on things that would bring us true growth. Check out a few of our personal goals in the post below.

Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others

We catch ourselves constantly attempting to define our success (or failure) by comparing ourselves to others in the industry. “So-and-so has been to more countries” or “It looks like so-and-so is making more money.” The truth of the matter is, we don’t know how well others are doing and we really shouldn’t care. I want to be able to celebrate in my peer’s success instead of let it get me down. As good old Teddy Roosevelt put it…

comparison is the thief of joy quote

Comparison is toxic. It doesn’t propel us forward. If anything, it’s the opposite. Chris and I are going to strive to make 2016 the year that we focus on our own success without constantly comparing ourselves to others. Which brings me to our next resolution…

Be Content

This goes along with our first resolution. We sometimes are so concerned with what others in the industry are doing that we don’t take the time to be grateful for what we have. We have so much to be thankful for that I don’t even really know where to start. For starters, we have a job that we absolutely adore. We have multiple opportunities to travel the world and get paid. If that’s not a dream job, I don’t know what is.

Our successful partnerships have allowed us to put a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, stamps in our passports, and most recently, a baby in my belly. Chris and I also have each other. Something that I think we often take for granted. We’re literally around each other 24/7 and still genuinely enjoy each other’s company. To travel the world with someone you love is a priceless gift. One that I don’t want to ever overlook.

Best things to do in Hawaii for lovers

I want to make sure that I spend this year being truly content with what I have. We’re healthy, happy, and incredibly rich in  friends and family. We often times let our struggles overshadow the amazing things that are happening right in front of us.

Be Present

This is something that I’ve been needing to work on for a while. I’m terrible when it comes to being present for strangers and loved ones alike. I often bury myself in my phone or computer when there are conversations taking place. There have been numerous times throughout the year when Chris was attempting to have a conversation with me but I found myself getting distracted by checking our Instagram stats or seeing who left a comment on our Facebook. It’s rude. It’s inconsiderate. It’s not how I want to live my life.

Captain and Clark couples travel blog

I want to truly be present for people, moments, and experiences. When it comes to travel, as much as I want to capture everything through the lens of a camera, I also want to take the time to relish in what I’m experiencing.

With a little baby entering our lives in a few short months, I want to practice being truly present so that it’s no longer a struggle between my phone and personal interaction. The people I love deserve so much more than that.

Slow Travel

This one could either be the easiest or the hardest resolution to keep. Our goal is to travel at a slower pace this year. It’s a habit that I want to start before the little one arrives. Too often, Chris and I will book a trip and then find ourselves cramming in as much as we possibly can so that by the time we leave, we’re both physically and emotionally exhausted. For example, our European trip this summer originated from us attending our friends’ wedding in France. What was initially supposed to be a quick trip across the pond, ended in 6 weeks spent traveling across Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France (obviously), Luxembourg, and Italy.

Captain and Clark cute couples travel blog

Now, I’m not complaining. The only thing is that we ended up spending a pretty penny to visit all of those places and were exhausted by the time it was done. The constant moving and packing (and unpacking!) has started to wear down on me. Now that we’re both 30, we find ourselves enjoying traveling at a slower pace with longer breaks in between destinations.

We’re also going to have to start accounting for the time changes and jet lag when the baby arrives. In a way, that might force us to spend more time adjusting to a new destination once we arrive.

So there you have it. A few things that we want to consciously work on in 2016. Stick with us over the next year to see how our travel style changes and evolves. As of right now, we have no idea what to expect.

What are your resolutions for the new year? 


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2015 in Review! Wed, 09 Dec 2015 09:31:53 +0000 Dear Tawny,

Guess what? It’s that time of year again. Since 2012 I’ve written you these “year in review” posts because you have such a terrible memory and you never seem to remember how much we actually accomplish in a year. So, buckle up, here we go.

My love, in 2015…


We went to Sweden.


Where we climbed the rooftops there.

Swedish friends

Our year began as we met good friends.


We also went to Finland.


And slept here.


We got to hang out with these glorious people.


We celebrated my viking heritage.

Tawny Clark Staudinger

And you were so beautiful it hurt.

Viking ferry to Estonia

We sailed to Estonia. On a whim.

IMG_6663 IMG_6832

And, as it turns out, we fell in love with Tallinn and Estonia.


We brought home many pelts. As any good viking would.


We learned how to brew mead.


Speaking of being a viking.


And you let me braid your hair. I don’t know why.

Tawny Clark and Ashley Day

We spent Valentine’s Day with Ashley Day. As we always do.

IMG_0450 IMG_0461

We helped my mom build bee hives.


We returned to Hawaii.


And visited Grandpa.

We also wrote about how much our heritage means to us and all that we’ve learned.


Somehow you got younger.


And as always, you looked amazing.


We got stranded on the Pali Haighway. Which actually ended up being pretty awesome.


We got to see the Merry Monarch festival.


We visited Lana’i and got to see so many cats that even you got your fill.

You got even MORE fit.
And gorgeous.

We got to swim at the Grand Wailea!!
And enjoy sunsets.
And drive the road to Hana with quality people.

We embarked on a massive campaign through Europe.
(On May 1st, you can tell because you’re holding a May Day basket, where you hang a basket of flowers on someone’s door and then run away. Something I taught you.)
In which we ate beaver…

And were attacked by one.
We actually got upgraded to first class on a long flight.
IMG_1886 IMG_8759
We went bog trekking and you discovered a new passion for cranberry foraging.
We arched!!

We kayaked through Latvia under the cover of darkness.
We were baptized in fire, earth, and water while traveling through Lithuania.
We traveled to Luxembourg.
IMG_8624 IMG_1811 IMG_1840 IMG_1167
We got to fall in love with Estonia all over again (TWICE IN ONE YEAR!!)
We returned to Girona, and partied like it was 1999.
We found peace.
We biked through the French countryside.
We got to see these gorgeous people get married.
We were there for the first international bucket toss challenge. Even though we lost to Finland.
IMG_1759 IMG_2684 IMG_1697 IMG_1417
We explored so much of Italy with Eurail.
IMG_1769 IMG_1793 IMG_1833
And we tasted the treasures of Tuscany with Walks of Italy.
IMG_2020 IMG_2023
We explored the Oregon coast.
And we went clam digging. Your favorite.
We had our minds blown when we saw the David in person.
We delivered letters on the Maverick Expedition.
And through it all you only got more beautiful.
And you worked out like a beast.
Oh Tawny, we stood in the rain in Pompeii.
Drank wine on the Amalfi coast.
IMG_2299 IMG_2305
We also tackled this monster.

We tried a float tank.
We went to see Post Modern Jukebox.
We conquered the Tacoma scavenger hunt.
IMG_2372 IMG_2600 IMG_2394
We explored the great Pac NW.
IMG_2760 IMG_2645 IMG_2682 IMG_2686 IMG_2674 IMG_2339 IMG_2340 IMG_2665 IMG_3799 IMG_1952 IMG_1942 IMG_2372 IMG_1427


We had adventures with some of the greatest people on Earth.

We had a successful honey harvest.
IMG_2906 IMG_2915 IMG_2911 IMG_2932 IMG_2936 IMG_2851 IMG_2913 IMG_2912

We even returned to Hawaii, again.


IMG_4120 IMG_3036 IMG_3035 IMG_3027 IMG_3088 IMG_3089 IMG_3114 IMG_3016 IMG_3073 IMG_3086 IMG_3070 IMG_3103



We hosted the finest archery tournament yet.


Ben Herndon showed us what I would look like if I could grow a beard or if the talented Bart Budwig could grow hair.


We went back to Barcelona.



And then as soon as we got home you were like, “Oh hey, we are having a BABY!!”

And you never looked more beautiful than you did in that moment.
But then again, I know you work hard at it.
So I went on a life changing quest. Because I turned 30.
IMG_4509 IMG_4525
We crushed a ton of apples into cider.
IMG_3703 IMG_3702 IMG_3625
Went to New York for your birthday. Because you turned 30 too.
Not that you can tell.
Then we were like, “What the hell, why don’t we move?” So we did.
IMG_3885 IMG_3968 IMG_3971 IMG_3983 IMG_3859
And now, Tawny my love, we are in Taiwan working with Janet Hsieh and TLC and Discovery.

We lived hard this year. We lived honestly, with compassion, patience, and courage. All of the traits we want our new baby to be instilled with. I hope you look back on this year proudly, this is only a few of the things we accomplished together this year. Just wait and see what 2016 brings.
As always, I love you.

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That’s a wrap! Our first week filming in Taiwan. Wed, 09 Dec 2015 03:14:57 +0000  

It seems like we arrived to Taiwan months ago. We’ve packed so much adventure in the last week that we can barely keep track of all that we’ve seen. We’ve officially wrapped filming on our first episode of TLC’s Fun Taiwan and are so excited to start filming episode two.

It’s been so nice to be able to film a little of the action behind the scenes and we were even given the opportunity to publish a video from our first week here. We haven’t officially mentioned it on here yet (although we’ve revealed the news on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram) but I (Tawny) am currently three and half months pregnant. We wanted our first video be a little love letter to the baby growing inside me so that they’ll be able to see all that they accomplished while in utero.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

Thank you again for coming along on this journey with us. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to give it a like. We’ll have another video from our second week in Taiwan up soon!

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A new adventure in Taiwan Sat, 05 Dec 2015 05:25:07 +0000 Things have been so incredibly busy over here! We landed in Taiwan just a few days ago and have hit the ground running. We’re here to film a new TV series featuring all of the beautiful adventures that Taiwan has to offer.

Chris and Tawny Captain and Clark on TLC Fun Taiwan

Together, with two other vloggers and our extremely talented host, Janet Hsieh, we’ll be uncovering the intricacies and hidden gems of Taiwan. Stay tuned as we’ll be able to post weekly videos about what we’ve been up to while here. We’re not even aware of where we’re going to be traveling to until we meet for the day. Even then, some surprises are still in store for us.

The series won’t air until the spring of 2016 but our videos will give you a little glimpse of all our adventures along the way. Stay tuned as our first video rolls out in just a couple of days!

Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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The “30 Year Quest Finale” Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:09:55 +0000 This is the final episode of “30 Year Quest” the story of a mysterious Latin text message from an anonymous number and the journey to discover the identity of the caller.

Making my presence known at Point Defiance Message in the storm drain Message in a bottle "The Keys to Everything" The final Quest PLU Fighting the Knight on the bridge The cloaked figure Burning my shackle Fin The heart of it all


Also, check it out! We’re on iTunes now!

Podcast Main Art


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30 Year Quest – Pt. 2 Mon, 26 Oct 2015 06:14:15 +0000 IMG_3091

As part two of the 30 Year Quest continues, I venture further into the mystery of Virgil and finally meet the person pulling my strings. Enjoy hidden messages, powerful coming of age monologues, and a return to a forgotten hollow.

The tree that eats the dead. "O for a Muse of Fire" and the secret letter Henry and Jeff trying to reveal the hidden message Lucile and Nettie Mt. Rainier Death lurking ]]> 0
30 Year Quest – Pt. 1 Fri, 23 Oct 2015 23:55:17 +0000 This marks our foray into podcasting. Join us as we embark on a quest to a haunted city as directed by a mysterious Latin speaking guide.

We would love to hear from you all what you think. Please enjoy, and join us soon for pt.2.

The road to Clay City The ransom note October in WA The witch's house Gate to Clay City Fire pit

A mysterious Latin message arrives on a young man’s phone from an unknown number as he is traveling to a ghost town before his 30th birthday. He follows the unknown caller’s instructions on an epic quest through darkness.



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Exploring Italy with Eurail Wed, 21 Oct 2015 17:51:47 +0000 Chris and I are pretty enamored with Italy. Any country that shares a deep appreciation for coffee and carbohydrates is a friend of mine.

While we might classify ourselves of Italiaphiles (did I just make that up?) we had really only explored the cities of Rome and Venice. Thankfully, our pals at Eurail decided to change that and provided us with the opportunity to travel through more of the country by train.

We started in Milan. Our Airbnb was a cute loft attached to the apartment and studio of a local artist. The space was beautifully decorated on our host was more than gracious. It was our first time every booking an Airbnb and we were very impressed. Our apartment was located slightly out of city centre but extremely close the a metro line.

I was initially unimpressed with the city. It lacked the historic character of Rome and the stunning sights of Venice. But what the city lacks in ambiance, it makes up for in art. Milan’s Duomo is unlike any structure I have ever seen. It’s massive and so incredibly intricate that it would take an entire lifetime to notice every small detail.

Milan's intricate Duomo

We also crossed off a major bucket list item in Milan and were able to see The Last Supper in person. Spoiler alert: it’s GINORMOUS. Forget how it was portrayed in our school textbooks. This is not something you frame and hang in your dining room, it’s more like a billboard. I enjoyed seeing it up close and taking in the tiny details (like Peter with the knife. Or is it?) a la The Davinci Code.

There was no way we could visit Milan and not stop by the newly opened Wes Anderson themed cafe, Bar Luce. What was initially supposed to be just a coffee break soon turned into an hour of indulging to their delicious cocktails and cake. Whoopsies. Sorry, not sorry.

Wes Anderson themed cafe in Milan

From Milan we caught a fast train to Venice. It was great to be back and we immediately dropped our bags off at our Airbnb and took to the streets. Unlike our first visit in the winter, Venice was crawling with thousands of tourists. It was hot, sticky, and crowded so we decided to spend the day doing what we love: exploring and getting lost. We wandered through the winding alleyways, stopped for multiple espressos and stumbled upon our new favorite bookstore, Acqua Alta. This shop has books stacked high and around every corner. I have two favorite section of the store, the first being the staircase made of books located on the patio in the back of the store. The second is the quiet little corner where one can sit and read as gondolas gently sail by. It’s magical.

Acqua Alta bookstore Venice Italy

Speaking of gondolas, we went on our very first gondola ride this trip. It was fun to see Venice from the water, even if it was a short ride. And as always, we had to partake in cicchettis. These little sandwiches are the best way to get your hands on tasty sustenance when exploring Venice. We went back to our favorite spot, Al Merca (first introduced to us on a Walks of Italy Tour) and spent a whopping six euro for two truffle and parma ham sandwiches as well as two glasses of prosecco. I call that a win.

Al Merca cicchettis in Venice Italy

From Venice, we hopped on a train and made way for Florence (or Firenze as the locals call it). I didn’t know what to expect from the city but ended up falling for Firenze. First, the city’s Duomo looks like it came from a children’s book. It’s incredibly colorful and detailed and is a great beacon for finding your way around the city.

The highlight of Florence would have to be seeing the statue of David. Like The Last Supper, David was even larger than I could have ever imagined. It made me really appreciate the sheer skill of Michelangelo to carve something so magnificent out of stone. You could clearly see the muscles and even the strained veins in David’s arms and legs.

The statue of David in Firenze Italy

A day trip from Florence had us discovering Tuscany. Our Walks of Italy tour couldn’t have been more perfect as we were chauffeured from Siena to San Gimignano and enjoyed not one, but TWO food stops. The highlight for me was our first meal at a local organic farm. We were given a tour of the property (complete with introductions to three tamed wild boars and a couple of bee hives) before we were treated to a wine tasting. Just when I thought our stop couldn’t get any better, we sat down for one of the best meals of the trip (an entire post dedicated to that meal is in the works–promise).

wine tasting at an organic farm in Tuscany Italy

Rome was our last stop on the itinerary and served as a hub for our day trip to Pompeii and Positano. I feel like Chris and I have covered a good amount of Rome on our two previous trips and was ready to get out and see more of the countryside. Positano has been on my list ever since the movie Nine came out and I was excited to see what this seaside town had to offer.

Lemons the size of your head. That was the first thing I noticed as we approached Positano. There were giant, cantaloupe-sized lemons. And while the majority of them are composed of skin, they were still delicious. We even stopped for some frozen lemon ice that hit the spot.

Large lemons in Positano Italy

As for Pompeii, it was incredible. The rain came in just as we arrived and created a light mist that drifted throughout the remains. Our guide was incredibly informative and took the time to answer any and all questions we had about the poisonous gas that claimed so many lives. Due to the weather, there were times that it seemed like we had the area to ourselves.

Pompeii day trip with walks of italy

That’s what I love to much about Italy. The history and culture that has been preserved and revered for centuries. It’s one of the reasons why we love the country so much. There’s always more to see, learn, and taste.

The best part of this trip was the ease of traveling by train. Eurail is the perfect way to explore Italy and one that we would recommend a thousand times over. Our Eurail Italy pass allowed us the flexibility to move at our own pace and see as much as possible.

Stay tuned for more in depth posts about our time in each city. We have so much more to share!


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Don’t Mess with K-Pop Fri, 09 Oct 2015 00:58:46 +0000 At Captain and Clark we love to travel the world to explore new cultures and then share those with you. So buckle up, today we’re taking a look at one of our favorite topics: K-Pop.

It should be no secret to anyone that I (Captain) enjoy K-Pop. Some of you may even remember my Pop 10. I’ve risen to the defense of K-Pop again and again. To the outsider it can seem straight up bizarre but beneath the electric color choices and pencil skirts, there leis the beating heart of Korea.

One thing in particular that I really enjoy about K-Pop is how quickly revenge escalates. Sure, we’ve all seen Carrie Underwood smash up her cheating ex’s truck, but that’s just one woman with a Louisville Slugger. When a Korean pop star goes for revenge, she’ll dress up like Halloween-on-acid, grab nine of her friends, and smash your whole world with a chainsaw. It takes all the cutesie sparkle of 3 year old’s princess birthday party and blends it with American Horror Story. For a country that has banned guns, their pop music can go from sassy to scary in 2 seconds. For me, it’s the juxtaposition of precious and precarious that makes me feel so alive.

Don’t believe me? Behold exhibit A.

Ailee – “(너나 잘해) Mind Your Own Business”

Ailee is not only one of my all time favorites but she’s a great example of what I’m talking about. Her ex treats her poorly so she corners him in a parking garage like the KGB then has her posse jump out with chainsaws and smashes up his PT Cruiser (I mean it’s a PT Cruiser, no loss.) She even goes to K-Pop jail for it. Not a care in the world.

Brown Eyed Girls – “Abracadabra”


This goes from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds. The Brown Eyed Girls, one of Korea’s long standing K-pop bands have always had a darker reputation. In this video they decided that the best way to get back at a guy who’s been cheating on all of them (dangerous) is to mess up his world. This guy, a bad cheating man, gets handcuffed to his bed and strapped to a bomb. This is in no way an acceptable stand-in for couples therapy.


2NE1 – “내가 제일 잘 나가(I AM THE BEST)”


This actually has nothing to do with revenge, it’s simply because 2NE1 is the best. And they want you to know it. They want you to know it so badly that they get all leather-clad and smash up all their Platinum Records and then shoot up the studio. Please take special note of the pastel ice cream helmet immediately before the sub-automatic machine guns come out.

Miss A – “Good-bye Baby”


This one takes a bit of time to get going, so if you want just jump ahead to 1:32. I’ll fill you in on what you missed. This guy, some producer/B-boy, is a misogynistic dick. He’s always show boating around, demeaning the hard working ladies of Miss A, getting their names wrong, and being skeezy. So, they bypass Human Resources and go straight to the obvious conflict resolution of drowning him. However, they get bored of that so they just blow him up. Problem solved. #girlpower


Lee Hyori – Bad Girls



Lee Hyori is a notorious bad girl in the world of K-Pop. She’s out spoken, strong, and sassy. In short, she’s amazing. She’s also got a record for being censored by the Korean pop media censor. That’s part of what makes this video so wonderful. I won’t ruin it for you, the story telling is masterful and about as subtle as Elton John wearing an air-raid siren. Have at it!


If you feel that I missed a classic example of K-Pop over reactions please let me know in the comments below. I promise I will look into it.

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