White Rose Inn

In the charming little town of Emporia there is a bucket of things to do. From weekly concerts to haunted theaters you’ll have a full day, every day. When night comes though you’ll need a place to stay, why not think about the White Rose Inn. The White Rose Inn is a restored mansion from the early 1900’s that is […]

Monowi, the town of ONE

In northern Nebraska there is a town where you can always find the librarian, bartender, and mayor in the local bar. Why? They’re all the same person. Monowi is a town of one! If you’re interested in visiting Monowi you’ll have quite the trek to get there. Most of the roads into it are flooded currently and you’ll have to […]

Baby duck, anyone?

“Dumaguette Night Life/Balut”   Dec./2010 In the sleepy colonial town of Dumaguette it seems like all there is is bars. For a look at the local flavor check out our video and see the highlights of the main avenue. Take a left at the main ferry terminal and you’ll see the many bars and street vendors of Dumaguette. For the more […]

Isabelle Gardens = Cheap

“Isabelle Gardens”   Dec./2010 If your are looking for a great place to spend a couple nights in Manila and still be close to the airport then this is your place. It is extremely affordable and fairly comfortable. The rooms are clean and the neighborhood is safe. It is also a great chance to get to see a genuine Filipino neighborhood […]

Hunting with Falcons

“Falconing on the Royal Game Reserve”     Dec. 26th/2010 We couldn’t belive that we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a falcon training demonstration with the veterinarian of the Royal Family in Bahrain.  

Raw Octopus Fights Back

“San Nakchi”Mar./23/2011 Recently I was cast in a short series about foreign teacher’s who come to Korea and become super heros. It will be a hilarious comedy this Spring, but in the mean time it offers other entertainment. As part of the filming process we were asked to eat “SanNakchi” or living octopus. It is a favored delicacy in Korea […]

Seoul Tower

“N Seoul Tower”   Feb./6/2011 In the center of Seoul, looming above the cityscape, is N Seoul Tower. As the largest tower in Korea is offers an Emperor’s view of the city and a chance to dine 479m above sea level. Namsan City bus No.2 or Subway line No.4 will both drop you within a ten minute walk from the tower. […]

Shillabang Guest House

“Shillabang Guest House”   Dec./20/2010 The Shillabang guest house is a traditional Hanok, or Korean house. For a room it costs 10,000 won or about 8 dollars a night. The rooms are traditional, from the yo mat for sleeping to the heated ondol floor. Included in your fee is access to the community kitchen, the tea room, bike rental, and a […]

Our Temple Stay

“Golgulsa Temple Stay” Nov./2/2010 This week the crew follows a tip out into the Korean Forest to find a temple stay program. The temple ended up being the birthplace of the ancient martial art of sunmudo, as well as about 1500 crunches.