Some of my favorite Korean signs

English is difficult. Everyone knows that. None more so than the people who have spent their whole lives speaking it. Sometimes this difficulty however rewards us with some of the greatest moments of being lost in translation. As a traveler, one of my most cherished treasures is the sings that Tawny and I encounter as we make our way around […]

Magic Tattoo in Thailand

“Sak Yant”   May/30/2010 This week the crew goes down to Thailand in search of a monk to give them a blessing. This is no ordinary blessing however. They will tell the monk their hopes and ambitions and the monk will then select a custom blessing to tattoo onto them! Join us this week as Captain and Clark get a […]

Baby duck, anyone?

“Dumaguette Night Life/Balut”   Dec./2010 In the sleepy colonial town of Dumaguette it seems like all there is is bars. For a look at the local flavor check out our video and see the highlights of the main avenue. Take a left at the main ferry terminal and you’ll see the many bars and street vendors of Dumaguette. For the more […]

Shillabang Guest House

“Shillabang Guest House”   Dec./20/2010 The Shillabang guest house is a traditional Hanok, or Korean house. For a room it costs 10,000 won or about 8 dollars a night. The rooms are traditional, from the yo mat for sleeping to the heated ondol floor. Included in your fee is access to the community kitchen, the tea room, bike rental, and a […]