Some of my favorite Korean signs

English is difficult. Everyone knows that. None more so than the people who have spent their whole lives speaking it. Sometimes this difficulty however rewards us with some of the greatest moments of being lost in translation. As a traveler, one of my most cherished treasures is the sings that Tawny and I encounter as we make our way around […]

Spirit of the Columbia, Part 1 of 6

After great anticipation and buckets of waiting, the video has arrived. Stay tuned as the whole journey will be released in a six part series. Enjoy the following and please comment and tell us what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts on the journey.

Our Temple Stay

“Golgulsa Temple Stay” Nov./2/2010 This week the crew follows a tip out into the Korean Forest to find a temple stay program. The temple ended up being the birthplace of the ancient martial art of sunmudo, as well as about 1500 crunches.

Lind’s Combine Demolition Derby

Every year, on the 2nd weekend of June, the small town of Lind, WA hosts a major event known as the Combine Demolition Derby. The derby consists of a farm truck rally and then a gear on gear smash to bits combine death match. I was literally blown away by how much fun I had, certainly worth a trip to […]

Join us down the Columbia

“A Journey Down the Columbia by Sail Kayak” Father and Son prepare to travel by sail kayak down the Columbia river from the Canadian Border to the Pacific Ocean This June Captain Chris Staudinger, an adventure documentary film-maker, and his father Michael will embark on a journey that follows the length of the Columbia River. They will be spending ten […]

B&S Jazz Bar

B&S Jazz bar was our buddy William’s idea. At first we thought we had been tricked into coming to an empty bar to listen to William sing, but then we had a real treat. The unassuming and wicked talented Jazz trio gave us one of the best nights out on Pohang. All three of the musicians are rather famous in […]