Our travel through time. Back to the nifty fifties. [video]

We recently found ourselves in the charming (and aptly named) port town of… Port Townsend.  The naming folks got clever with that one, huh?  The town is overflowing with local boutiques that feature everything from cupcakes to ukeleles.  While we were only to spend a few hours wandering through town, we came across one particular shop that took us back […]

Our Delicious NYC Day in Pictures.

Day two of our New York trip has been satisfying, to say the least.  Everyone knows that there are so many great things to do in New York, between shopping  at Macy’s or at Saks on the 5th avenue, riding bikes over the Brooklyn bridge, exploring Queens and Harlem, pay your respect to Ground Zero heroes, visiting the statue of Liberty… and the list […]