Post Office Bay, Galapagos- A Dream to Reality.

  The Story of the Maverick Expedition from Chris Staudinger on Vimeo.  I remember the moment clearly.  It was dark outside and our table was lit with a few flickering candles.  Our leftover pad thai and tom kha gai were resting disheveled on our plates.  He had a bewildered, yet focused look on his face as he leaned close, like […]

Life Long Dream – Embarking Today

I´ve been standing on the beach fastening buoyant sticks together, in an attempt to make a raft. I figured that if I could find enough cloth might even be able to fashion a sail, or perhaps harness some sea turtles for propulsion. It was while I was making a rather admirable looking craft that the winds of fortune changed. Now […]

Finding Our Way to the Post Barrel

Finding our way to Floreana, and Post Office Bay, is proving to be a delicate issue of time. For whatever reason (we have yet to determine one) the Post Barrel is the most difficult part of the Galapagos to access. Our island of San Cristobal happens to be one of the easiest to traverse. You do not even need a […]

Maverick Expedition

The Maverick Expedition is a journey around the world by sail, rail, bus, and anything else we can find as we hand-deliver letters from a Post Barrel in the Galapagos. It is equal parts travel documentary and dynamic history. The Story For the last 300 years the small island of Floreana in the Galapagos has been an unofficial post office […]

A New Horizon

A huge congratulations to Gone with the Wynns. They have won the Best of the Road Rally and will get to drive away with the Saab 9-4x. As sad as we are to part with that beautiful car we are even more excited to have made the friendships that we have and to had the opportunity to take this journey […]

Cat Poop Coffee!

Now is your chance to win a bag of Civet Cat Poop Coffee! This month if you A.) like us on FaceBook, B.) post a comment on our website, or C.) make a contribution to our IndieGoGo fund raiser for the Maverick Expedition you will be entered into the competition. Every comment, “like”, and contribution of $10 or more gives […]

The Latest Maverick Expedition

The travel rock star Joshy Washington, founder of has put up a little link on his site for us. A gentleman and a scholar for sure. He also hosts the Fort Knox of travel information. For any one who has a love of travel and hasn’t found then you need to get on it. You can start by […]